5 Tips On How To Deal With Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

How Can You Manage Dark Circles? If your under-eye area resembles that of a smokey eye, chances are it could be dark circles. Dark circles may form for various reasons and aren’t limited to late nights watching Netflix movies.

Dark circle removal requires an individualized plan and can often be challenging. However, natural therapies, skin care products, and prescription medicines exist that can help address those bothersome under-eye circles. Here are five strategies on how you can deal with dark circles under your eyes in this article.

• What results in under-eye dark circles?

Poor circulation or reduced oxygenated blood can also result in dark circles and discoloration on the upper two layers of skin, leading to darkened circles and discoloration of this area. Poor circulation often contributes to these effects (i.e. reduced oxygenated blood = darker hued and blueish hue).

Dark circles may be genetic, but behaviors can also play a part in making your under-eye area appear darker.

• How to permanently get rid of dark under-eye circles

Before reaching for cucumber slices or concealer, there may be numerous strategies you can try to help your under-eye area return to health. But bear in mind that, just as with causes, therapy success varies based on individual.

Below are several home remedies, skin care regimens and doctor visits you can try in order to rid yourself of dark under-eye circles.

How To Deal With Dark Circles

1. Get more rest

A lack of restful zzzz’s could result in fluid accumulation under your eyes and black circles, so it may be worthwhile adjusting your sleep schedule accordingly to ensure you’re getting enough zzzzzs.

How To Deal With Dark Circles
Get more rest

Get more rest Avoid eating or exercising too closely before bedtime and giving up coffee six hours prior. TikTok may help pass the time as you scroll. Electronic devices should be turned off one to two hours before going to sleep for optimal restful rest.

2. Attempt a wedge pillow

It could be that your sleeping position–rather than how much restful restful rest you get–is to blame for dark circles under your eyes. A wedge pillow could provide some additional support that might alleviate symptoms.

Head rests may help prevent fluid build-up around your eyes while sleeping, though stacks of pillows might work too. A wedge pillow provides comfortable elevation.

3. Cut up a few cucumbers

Cucumber may be the go-to vegetable when it comes to beauty boosting. Not only can its high water content provide nourishment to salads, but its properties may help lessen swelling and dark circles under your eyes as well.

Cut up a few cucumbers
Cut up a few cucumbers

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Divide up some cucumber slices and put them over your eyes for 15 minutes for maximum effect. This therapy should work.

4. Make some tea

While shopping for cucumbers, grab some caffeinated black or green tea from the supermarket – this will allow you to craft an invigorating beverage as an afterthought!

Two tea bags should first be steeped in hot water for five minutes before being chilled in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes, before placing over your eyes and taking five-10 minute naps with them on. After this process is complete, rinse with cool water.

This should help improve blood flow to your eyes, restrict blood vessels and decrease fluid retention.

5. Put a lot of under-eye concealer on

Put a lot of under-eye concealer on
Put a lot of under-eye concealer on

Applying concealer under your eyes is like covering that pile of clothing you just can’t bring yourself to hang with a blanket; it won’t actually solve anything, but will at least reduce its visibility.

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Our Verdict

Dark circles can affect anyone, mainly as an aesthetic problem. Genetics, skin color and age all play a part in developing dark circles; lifestyle modifications such as giving up smoking or not staying up all night playing Animal Crossing could help.

Medical intervention might be required in some instances to help lighten dark circles. Consulting a dermatologist can alleviate your anxieties and offer effective solutions.