These 7 Fashion Bloggers Prove You Don’t Need To Spend A Fortune To Look Good

Not so fast! Fashion bloggers demonstrate that, with creativity and resourcefulness, you don’t need to blow all your money on clothes to look fashionable. Many bloggers regularly feature affordable clothing items on their blogs; moreover, 7 women out of these 14 are savvy shoppers who know where and how to find bargains; their DIY tips will help save you money while simultaneously building your wardrobe!

Fashion Blogger
Fashion Blogger

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1) Jo Totes

New York-based blogger and YouTuber Jo Totes chronicles her frugal shopping adventures on her blog. She can often be found searching bargain stores for secondhand goods that can be transformed into new pieces for wear. Her DIY tips offer insight into repurposing old objects while providing useful ways to reuse existing pieces in new ways. Her YouTube channel covers various topics related to travel, fashion and beauty – making this an incredible source for frugal inspiration!

2) Hallyu Marketing Corp

Hallyu Marketing Corp is an innovative marketing agency and blog dedicated to money saving ideas. Their blog features tips from bloggers and vloggers who specialize in finding unconventional ways to save, while creating fashionable outfits out of ordinary items. Their blog covers topics such as how to make your own DIY t-shirt design, shopping second-hand clothes, and finding great sales offers.

3) Travel With Faaji

Travel With Faaji Faaji documents her adventures across the world on her blog Travel With Faaji. She regularly features outfits created with everyday items that can be purchased at affordable prices – her tips can help save money when travelling abroad or create an affordable wardrobe at home – her blog features guides on making your own waist bag, shopping cheap items during sales, and creating DIY cover-ups!

4) Meraki Co.

Meraki Co. of Los Angeles offers fashion vlogger and blogger advice on creating a fashionable wardrobe on a budget. Her blog includes fashion and beauty guides as well as DIY projects to help create pieces from scratch, including how to score designer-worthy bags at a discounted price or printing your own sweatshirt – Meraki’s advice can help you to build your own individual style without busting your budget!

5) A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess, based out of New York, provides readers with fashion and beauty advice. Its contributors often feature affordable items easily found at local stores; its DIY section showcases how ordinary items can be turned into trendy new pieces; while its beauty section includes posts about creating products like bath bombs or makeup using low-cost ingredients.

6) Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is a fashion blogger who regularly showcases DIY projects on her blog. Her DIY section contains various projects designed to help readers create new items using ordinary household objects; posts include how-to guides on creating cork clutches, faux fur wraps and reusable shopping bags from old clothes or household materials. Amanda Lee provides tips on creating stylish yet inexpensive pieces by recycling old clothing or household goods into new items that look stylish!


Fashion blogger Kendall documents her shopping adventures on her blog Kendall Does Fashion. Her tips will show you how to save money when buying new items; from finding great sales deals to DIYing items with old clothing – Kendall can show you how to build an affordable wardrobe.

These Seven Fashion Bloggers Show You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune to Look Good If you think being a fashion blogger means spending all your money on clothes, think again! These 7 bloggers demonstrate how creativity and resourcefulness can help anyone look their best without breaking the bank. In fact, most of these bloggers regularly feature affordable clothing items in their blog posts! These seven women aren’t simply ordinary fashion vloggers – they are expert shoppers who know where bargains can be found while also giving secondhand items new life!

DIY fashion blogger tips will allow you to save money while also building an eye-catching wardrobe without breaking the bank. These fashionistas have all sorts of clever tips that will help you assemble stylish looks on a tight budget.

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