The 9 Most Amazing Things You Can Do When You’re Bored

Boredom can be an uncomfortable feeling that sneaks up on us unexpectedly, consuming our time with repetitive activities or leaving us wanting something new to do. Don’t let boredom get the best of you; there are plenty of activities you can do when bored – none involving binge-watching Netflix or scrolling through social media! When your mind wanders while your awareness increases of your surroundings. This could be seen as an opportunity to tackle long-standing bucket list goals or just break free from routine life! Here are some exciting activities you could try when bored:

Things You Can Do

1) Go For a Walk

Everyone needs time and space for rejuvenation and renewal, yet many don’t take the time to give themselves this privilege. A walk can be the ideal way to both clear your mind and improve your health at once – take one any time of day, for as long as desired, at any cost-effective hour of exercise! You may discover new places, neighborhoods and interesting sights when walking; in suburbia walking can serve as an opportunity to discover your surroundings more deeply.

2) Write a Letter to Someone You Love

If you’re feeling nostalgic and emotional, why not channel those emotions into writing a letter to someone special in your life? Even if it never gets sent out, writing letters can be an amazing way of expressing feelings; whether that means writing about childhood memories, dreams or fears — or pretending the letter is addressed to an unknown recipient!

3) Learn Something New

Learn Something New
Learn Something New

Humans are creatures of habit and we tend to get stuck into familiar patterns every day. Routine can be good, but every now and then it’s good to challenge yourself by learning something new – there are tons of free online resources out there you could utilize in order to master a new language, skill or profession! Why not use any idle moments you may encounter as an opportunity to expand your mind?

4) Go on a Diet (or Start an Exercise Routine)

So many opportunities exist to improve our lives, yet many of us put them off until a more suitable moment comes along. When we feel bored, however, this presents us with the chance to start new habits and make positive changes in our lives – such as starting an exercise regimen or diet regime? These efforts can not only benefit physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing, but they’re also great motivators.

5) Watch a Movie You’ve Been Meaning to See

There are so many classic movies and new releases out there that you may have been meaning to watch, why not use your boredom as an opportunity to finally do it? While some prefer reading books instead of watching movies (it can help focus your time more efficiently!), watching one may be more productive; with free movies readily available online you don’t even need to visit a cinema!

6) Play an Instrument

Play an Instrument
Play an Instrument

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Have you always wanted to give playing an instrument a try but never got around to doing it? Now is the time! There are various online resources available that can assist with learning how to play one, or consider joining one in person if one exists in your area. Trying your hand at playing can help reduce stress while providing opportunities to meet new people!

7) Go Hunting for Deals at the Shopping Mall

Boredom often leads us down the path of spending money unnecessarily on things we don’t require. Instead of spending your free time frittering away on unnecessary purchases, why not head down to your nearest shopping mall and hunt for deals instead? Search discounted items or try your luck at finding hidden bargains in clearance sections – going to the mall is also a great way of getting out of the house while providing a fun social activity among friends!

8) Meet Up with Old Friends (or Make New Ones)

Time can quickly slip away when we’re bored; our minds become consumed with thoughts and emotions that we lose track of time entirely. So the next time you’re feeling unmotivated to get out there and meet people, instead of staying inside your own head for too long! Try getting out there to meet up with old or make new ones – spending time with old acquaintances is great way to catch up while meeting new people can bring life back into the present moment!

9) Plan Something Exciting for Your Future Self

Plan Something Exciting for Your Future Self
Plan Something Exciting for Your Future Self

Boredom opens your mind up to creativity and new ideas, providing the ideal opportunity to use those creative thoughts to plan something exciting for yourself in the future. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn a new skill but never made time – now could be the time! Start a journal or blog to document your progress or even use boredom as an opportunity to plan a road trip or trip abroad!

Doing any or all of the following is certainly not required, but can help if you find yourself bored! For creative types who feel creatively drained, use your boredom as an opportunity to draw, paint or sketch again — perfect ways to kick-start their imagination!

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