All You Need To Know About Scam Marketing Agencies

Your company likely requires (or already employs) a digital marketing agency if it conducts its operations online. Assuming your firm is legitimate, investing in digital marketing services to promote it could prove profitable; however, due to lack of regulation or protection against fraudsters in this field this could also prove costly; we’ve all heard stories of people falling prey to false flag pyramid schemes or annoying commercials which defrauded them out of money – as a business owner how can you spot telltale signals of a marketing firm which could potentially scam?

At Scam Marketing Agencies, our aim is to arm you with all of the information that will enable you to protect yourself against fraudulent agencies.

How to Recognize Scammers

Unfortunately, scammers exist in every sector. Their sole mission is to make as much money as they possibly can by taking shortcuts with work for as little money as possible and they have no regrets over their deceptive practices.

Swindlers are adept at exploiting people and companies who appear vulnerable, preying upon those they perceive to be suckers and offering extra assistance when necessary.


1. They immediately appear to be unreal

Scam Marketing Agencies
They immediately appear to be unreal

Promises that seem too good to be true often turn out to be false, which can be problematic. Listen to your gut when initially considering a marketing firm’s sales pitch: chances are good they’re trying to persuade you into parting with money by promising absurd outcomes such as appearing at the top of Google search results quickly or providing ultimate success assurances.

2. They downplay unfavorable outcomes or exaggerate the worst-case scenarios

No matter how powerful their techniques may be, even the best tactics don’t always produce results immediately; any reputable marketing professional understands this reality and may fail for a variety of reasons – although their job is to help improve things as much as possible for their client’s benefit; no guarantee can be given for placing your marketing at position #1 or #3 in search results pages.

Good marketing teams will be up front about the fact that it may take time for their efforts to be fully implemented if you want the unvarnished truth. While many marketers will emphasize their potential value-add for your company, sincere individuals will work to earn your trust while being open about ROI.

3. Marketing scams frequently try to persuade you to “go big or go home”

Marketing scams often try to persuade individuals that it is best to “go for broke or go home”, in an attempt to manipulate you into making a significant investment in an investment opportunity.

Many online marketers will convince you to invest a large sum for an expected high return, creating guilt in you as an investor. When starting up, beware if they attempt to push one of their more costly campaigns onto you.

4. They demand cash up front but won’t provide you access to the campaign or the results

They demand cash up front but won't provide you access to the campaign or the results

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Any good social media marketing or advertising company will want to show you the performance of their campaign. Be wary if they attempt to cover it up by saying there are “too many technical details you won’t understand”. As their paying customer, you have access to analytics and numbers so you can monitor their ads. No matter your reading skills or comprehension level of campaign graphs and analytics – at least one member of your team likely understands them – making transparency an essential goal. Access is necessary.

5. They employ esoteric terms yet are unable to explain the numbers

Marketing fraudsters are known for promising more than they can deliver; often promising brand awareness or “engagement,” only to end up not providing solutions.

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Our Verdict

We live in a competitive digital environment, so it’s critical that businesses understand what goes on behind the scenes every day. Marketing can be daunting to businesses just starting out; when faced with this daunting challenge they may succumb to fear and jump to whatever sounds most attractive-sounding deal.

Businesses and contractors need to know the signs of scams to stay protected against them – we have visited places!