10 Methods To Avoid Body Odor

Odorants, produced naturally by our bodies, give off scent and can contribute to body odor. While some compounds are necessary for normal biological function and don’t produce unpleasant odors in small doses, an excessive build-up of chemicals on skin could produce disagreeable odors that cause unpleasant symptoms.

Body odor can occur anywhere on the body; common sources include feet, groins, armpits, genitals, pubic and other hair, belly button anus and behind ears. Food, sex, health issues or medicines may also contribute to creating body odor.

Though there is no magic solution for body odor, these ten methods may help manage it effectively.

Methods To Avoid Body Odor

1. Take Regular Baths.

Perspiration from one’s skin does not always cause body odor; rather, its formation depends on interactions between sweat and microorganisms on one’s body. A daily shower can help wash away sweat while eliminating some bacteria present on one’s skin.

2. Make Use Of A Deodorant/antiperspirant.

Much like we sweat, our bodies excrete waste through pores on the skin’s surface. When bacteria interact with this sweaty secretion, body odor results.

Body odor can be reduced with the right deodorant. Finding one that meets both one’s body chemistry and day-to-day needs may take time and trial; it is however vital. Deodorants typically contain alcohol as well as antibacterial characteristics to protect against bacteria that might otherwise contribute to body odor.

Make use of a deodorant/antiperspirant
Make use of a deodorant/antiperspirant

3. Get Rid Of Fabric Softeners.

Most individuals utilize fabric softeners when doing their laundry, yet these products may increase body odor by sitting on top of clothing fibers and hindering ventilation and evaporation processes.

4.Change Your Clothing Frequently.

After spending the day out or engaging in physical exercise, it can be tempting to slip back into your same clothes immediately afterwards. But this should be avoided since bacteria thrive in such environments; after an exhausting workday it would be wiser to change clothing; after workout sessions it should be removed immediately as sweat-filled workout clothes may harbor bacteria that cause unpleasant odors.

5. Quit Drinking And Smoking.

Alcohol and smoking both lead to bad breath as well as body odor by building up toxins in your system. When smoking occurs, its smell lingers long after exposure; leaving behind an unpleasant odour that is hard to wash away.

Quit drinking and smoking
Quit drinking and smoking

6. Put On Light Clothing.

Cotton and jute fibers can help keep you cool in hot environments by providing natural ventilation to the skin and keeping moisture away from it. Artificial clothing should also be avoided along with tight clothing that restricts breathing; wear loose, air-circulating apparel instead. This will keep you more comfortable.

7. Make Use Of Antibacterial Soap.

Antibacterial soap bars can help combat bad odors on the body by targeting specific bacteria that contribute to it, thus decreasing their presence and associated bad smell.

Make use of antibacterial soap
Make use of antibacterial soap

8. Dry Yourself Thoroughly.

After showering, make sure that you take time to dry yourself thoroughly – paying particular attention to any areas where you sweat heavily – since bacteria that produce body odor are less likely to thrive on dry skin.

9.You Should Shave Your Underarms.

Shaving your underarms won’t reduce sweat levels, but it may help stop stinky pits. Hair absorbs sweat-related odors due to being permeable; excess hair creates an unhygienic environment which fosters bacteria growth that makes you smell; in addition, too much hair slows evaporation by collecting moisture and slowing its evaporation process.

10. Maintain A Healthy Diet.

Your diet can have an immediate effect on body odor. Foods high in sulfur like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage may alter your sense of smell while onions, garlic cloves, curries, and other strong spices may also contribute to body odor.

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