10 Great Face Skin Care Tips for Summer

Makeup and sweat are not good partners. While you may look fabulous when leaving the house, as soon as the sun hits your face it could show all its cracks! Here are a few face skin care tips for summer that could save your look and maintain it for as long as possible.

Face Skin Care Tips for Summer

1. Summer Bumps & Breakouts

Breakouts often happen at the worst possible moment. If you detect a pimple, use warm compresses and tea bags to bring it under control as soon as possible. Boil some water, soak a tea bag in it, and gently press it onto your pimple until its presence has subsided.

Summer Bumps & Breakouts
Summer Bumps & Breakouts

2. Skin Hydration

In our quest for sun tanning, our bodies may become burnt. Rubbing plain yoghurt on your skin for 10 minutes may help repair its natural barrier function – especially when combined with Aloe Vera!

3. Summer oily skin care

If your face seems extra oily without enough blotting paper to use, don’t panic – to get relief quickly try rubbing some ice on it to cool down your skin and decrease oiliness.

Summer oily skin care
Summer oily skin care

4. Having blackheads in the summer?

Blackheads can be a plague. To fight their effects and fade them from your skin, cut a lemon in half, dust the insides with sugar, and apply directly onto your face each night for effective blackhead treatment.

5. Are you red-faced?

Are You Red-Faced? To alleviate red patches during the day, combine one-fourth teaspoon salt with one cup warm water in a solution and soak cotton balls or gauze pads before dabbing on red spots with this remedy.

6. Skin Toning

Toning may be part of your regular skincare routine, but sometimes that alone may not suffice. For an all-natural alternative to achieve this same effect, combine equal parts apple cider vinegar and water and use this to spray over your face as needed.

Skin Toning
Skin Toning

7. Summer dry skin

For quick, fresh, and clean relief of summer dry skin, rub watermeon rind on your face to instantly rehydrate it quickly and naturally. Watermelons contain essential hydrating elements which support both immunity and keep you cool in summer heatwaves.

 Summer dry skin
Summer dry skin

8. Summer Skin Hydration

To quickly hydrate, rub some vitamin- and mineral-rich honey onto lips for instantaneous hydration.

 Summer Skin Hydration
Summer Skin Hydration

9. Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen This Summer

Apply sunscreen every two hours during the summer season, as its active components degrade with sun exposure or may be lost through sweat or wiping, so ensure it remains on regularly.

10. Face wipes for cleansing

Purchase face wipes as an investment to combat pollution’s harmful effects, keeping a pack handy could provide fast relief for your face.

 Face wipes for cleansing
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