Breaking Down Politics And War: A Friendly Perspective

politics and war

Politics and war are complex phenomena that have a profound impact on the United States and its society. Understanding the intertwining nature of politics and war is crucial for gaining insights into the dynamics of the nation. Through our enlightening articles, we aim to shed light on the various aspects of politics and war and … Read more

8 Must-Read Books To Help You Understand Politics


Are You Seeking A Deeper Understanding Of Politics? Reading books is a fantastic way to gain knowledge and insight on any topic, including politics. Books provide unique perspectives into this realm that can educate on this field – such as biographies of prominent politicians or histories of democracy; there’s sure to be plenty available that … Read more

How To Stay Informed In Politics Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Stay Informed in Politics

Being informed about politics is an integral part of staying informed, yet it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the news, events and policies that keep changing constantly. Finding where to begin can feel like an impossible task – yet staying up-to-date should not be considered an impossible feat! Staying informed in politics … Read more

The Uncertainty Of The World Political Science In A Changing World

The Uncertainty of the World Political Science in a Changing World

Political Science is the study of politics, political institutions and processes, as well as their effects on society. This field specializes in how different societies respond to globalization, technological advances, non-state actors rising up against established powers, an ever more interconnected global environment and other transformative forces. Political Science students are trained to think critically … Read more

The 5 Biggest Red Flags In A Political Campaign

The 5 Biggest Red Flags in a Politician’s Campaign

Politicians are an intriguing species. They straddle the line between public and private lives with ease, their private lives often being put under public scrutiny. How can you assess whether a candidate is trustworthy? A good way of doing this is looking at their past; people who run for office must meet certain requirements — … Read more

Political Strategies For The Next Elections

Political Strategies for the Next Elections

Political Strategies for Upcoming Elections :- The 2018 midterms saw a blue wave sweep many House and Senate seats. And in 2020, Donald Trump could finally be put under control once and for all – so what are our political strategies to guarantee victory in these crucial upcoming elections? These elections will determine our nation’s … Read more