10 Amazing Tips For Healthy Hair And Skin

Amazing Tips for Healthy Hair and Skin:- For optimal skin and hair health, eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals and pulses is always advised.

amazing tips for healthy hair and skin

1. it’s all in your genes

Keep in mind that genetics, family history, nerves and emotions, and immune system play the most significant roles in determining the condition of your skin and hair.

2. Select your face wash wisely.

Take care to use a face cleanser tailored specifically for your skin type and to wash twice each day.

3. Opt for cleaners.

Cleaners should be used at night to remove make-up and grime before using a face wash.

Opt for cleaners
Opt for cleaners

4. Keep sunscreen on hand.

Use sunscreen daily, even indoors; UVA rays from the sun pass through windows and contribute to premature aging, pigmentation and tanning of skin cells. Sunscreen should ideally be applied every three hours for best results.

5. However, not just any

However, only using Sunscreen with an SPF rating of 30 or higher will make your skin glow beautifully. While SPF represents UVB radiation protection, sunscreen must also provide UVA coverage – Avobenzone, Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide, Mexoryl and Tinosorb are common examples.

6. Sun protection for your skin

Foundations, mineral powders and compacts do not offer enough sun protection.

Sun protection for your skin
Sun protection for your skin

7. Tanning is not the same as pigmentation.

Indian skin tends to tan quickly and unevenly, blurring the line between tanning and pigmentation. Consult a dermatologist if your tan persists after four to six weeks.

8. Use gentle skin lightening products.

As a preventative measure, use gentle skin whitening products like Arbutin, Bearberry, Licorice, Mulberry Ginseng Gingko Emblica Turmeric curcuma Grapeseed plus vitamins C & A plus Niacinamide.

9. Postpone your aging

Aging can be both intrinsic (hereditary), as well as extrinsic. Exercise and food may help slow it, while increased UV intensity, pollution and stress all exert extrinsic influences that contribute to dry out skin, making it more vulnerable to pigmentation and premature aging. Therefore it’s crucial that individuals start caring for their skin in their teens.

10. Choose antioxidants.

External factors create Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), harmful oxygen molecules which damage cells and speed up their aging. Antioxidants neutralize these harmful ROS molecules to maintain health in cells.

Choose antioxidants
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