10 Top University In UK

Today’s review highlights top universities in UK to assist you in selecting among the finest institutions within this nation.

These British universities were evaluated based on their rankings in the overall Top Global Universities rankings and academic community members from throughout Europe and worldwide assessed them based on research success.

Top University In UK

1. University Of Oxford

Though its precise date of establishment remains undetermined, Oxford can trace its history back to at least 1096. Approximately 45 percent of learners at Oxford are graduate students, and it is located approximately 60 miles northwest of London. Over half of Oxford’s graduate students engage in research activities. Oxford carries out studies in fields spanning humanities, medicine sciences, social sciences as well as mathematical, physical and biological sciences – these efforts span across three terms which last eight weeks each. English serves as the official language for instruction at this institution.

2. University Of Cambridge

Cambridge was established in 1209 and lies approximately 60 miles north of London. Over 35% of Cambridge’s approximately 19,000 students are graduate students, including over 35% who belong to one of its six schools – clinical medicine, technology, humanities and social sciences, biological sciences and arts and humanities. Michaelmas (fall), Lent (winter) and Easter make up Cambridge’s academic year (spring).

3. University College London

University College London (UCL) maintains relationships with universities around the globe, including Montreal’s McGill University in Canada and Zhejiang University in China, through exchange and research arrangements. Over 150 different nations send students to UCL with tuition prices more expensive than for UK and EU residents.

Top University In UK
Top University In UK

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4. Imperial College London

Imperial College London was originally part of University College London until 2007 when it officially disassociated. Since then, its main focus has been science. With various campuses located around London – its main one being South Kensington which also houses other educational and cultural institutions like Natural History Museum; graduate student housing is provided on Silwood Park campus approximately 25 miles west.

5. University Of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh was established in 1583, making it Scotland’s oldest public university. It is located at Edinburgh, its largest city and capital. The primary administrative structures, the library, as well as humanities and social sciences facilities can all be found on Central Area Campus; other campuses such as King’s Buildings Easter Bush Little France Western General Hospital campuses offer additional space; tuition may be more costly for international students from outside Scotland and European Union countries.

6. King’s College London

King’s College London ranked 33 on the Best Global Universities list and is widely considered one of the finest institutions in terms of quality in the United Kingdom.

7. University Of Manchester

Manchester University is a public university located in England. Established as an institution for nonsectarian men in 1851, and then founding schools in Leeds and Liverpool that later (1903) became universities themselves, Manchester became its own university in 1880. Ernest Rutherford conducted significant atomic physics research here while construction of one of the earliest contemporary computers began here during World War II. Offering undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees over an array of areas; Manchester also hosts notable annual scientific meetings like Ion Science Conference.

Top University In UK
Top University In UK

8. University Of Glasgow

At the request of King James II of Scotland, Pope Nicholas V issued a bull in 1451 which established this institution. From 1460 until it relocated to Glasgow’s west end in 1870/71 on property given by Lord Hamilton on High Street, this property housed the university.

9. University Of Birmingham

University of Birmingham was the first “red brick” or civic university in England to gain its own royal charter in 1900, replacing Queen’s College and Mason Science College as the main civic or “red brick” university in Birmingham. Public University of Birmingham can be found in Edgbaston in Birmingham UK.

10. University Of Bristol

Bristol University was officially established in 1909 under its former name of University College. Situated at the center of Bristol’s vibrant and energetic city life, Bristol University now hosts over 20,000 undergraduate students, over 7,000 postgraduate students, and close to 8,000 staff members – 25% of these people hailing from outside of Britain!

Bristol University is renowned for its research-intensive approach that cultivates high-caliber individual and multidisciplinary or topic research. In a recently completed UK-wide evaluation of university research standards, 36% was deemed world-leading while an additional 47% earned ratings as internationally excellent (REF 2014).

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