10 Top Australian Universities

Australia has traditionally been a popular destination for international students for top Australian universities in world, in addition to being home to diverse cities brimming with life and history, inclusive communities, and distinctive cultures.

The nation is home to a wide variety of renowned universities, including those affiliated with the Group of Eight and the Australian Technology Network. Additionally, Australian institutions perform well in global university rankings, especially in categories like research production and teaching effectiveness.

Top Australian Universities
Top Australian Universities

University rankings can give you a feel of if the school is the ideal fit if you’re looking to pursue your foundation, undergraduate, or postgraduate pathways in Australia.

Students frequently utilize reputable ranking services like the QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World (THE) University Rankings as part of their research before submitting an application to study abroad.

With information from the most recent World University Rankings, we have listed the top universities in Australia for 2022 below.

Top Australian Universities

1. The University of Melbourne

The Victoria legislature established one of the first universities in Australia called The University of Melbourne, which at the time only offered a liberal arts programme, in 1853. A law school, engineering program, and medical school were all added in 1857, 1860, and 1862, respectively. The music conservatory, which is now the faculty of music, first opened its doors in 1895.

2. The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is a coed, public university in Sydney that receives funding from both New South Wales and the Commonwealth of Australia. It is also Australia’s oldest and largest university, having been established in 1850.

Six resident colleges make up the university: St. Paul’s (Church of England), established in 1854; St. John’s (Roman Catholic), in 1857; St. Andrew’s (Presbyterian), in 1867; Women’s College (nondenominational), in 1889; Wesley College (Uniting), in 1910; and Sancta Sophia College (Roman Catholic, primarily women), in 1929. The institution originally permitted the admission of women in 1881.

3. Monash University

Many international students who choose to study in Australia choose Monash University since it is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. What draws such a large number of people to Monash University? The main causes are covered next.

Top Australian Universities
Top Australian Universities

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4. The Australian National University

Australian National University is a university in Canberra, Australia, that receives state funding. The institution was initially only open to graduate studies when it was founded in 1946. Undergraduates were initially accepted in 1960, when Canberra Institution College (1929) joined the university.

5. UNSW Sydney

The heart of UNSW Sydney cannot be found in their magnificent buildings or breathtaking gardens. It can be found in their personnel, alumni, students, and kind donors. As they contribute to the development of a just society, their diversity as a group reflects the distinct viewpoints of their people, place, and purpose.

6. The University of Queensland

One of the top teaching and research universities in Australia and a perennial contender for the best university in the globe is the University of Queensland (UQ). The University of Queensland placed second in Australia and 42nd overall in the 2021 Aggregate Ranking of Top Universities. Brisbane, which will host both the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2032, is home to UQ’s main campus.

7. The University of Technology Sydney

A dynamic, young, international city is home to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), a vibrant, young, international university.

The university is ranked 137th by QS and 143rd by Times Higher Education in their respective lists of the top 200 universities in the world. Each of the last seven years, QS has ranked UTS as the top young university in Australia.

The best aspects of online and in-person learning are combined in UTS’ well-known innovative teaching and learning methodology. Students gain from a comprehensive education that focuses on careers and has solid connections to business. They are equipped for future in a way that is appropriate for now.

8. The University of Adelaide

At the University of Adelaide, we support and unify those working to improve both the world and themselves. You have the opportunity to change history here.

We were founded in 1874, and now, our 22,000+ students and 3,000+ employees together seek to advance society. Our university is among the top 1% in the world and is located in the center of Australia’s most liveable city*.

9. The University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (UWA), which was founded in 1911, has a reputation for making significant contributions to learning, teaching, and research that have a global impact. Western Australia’s top-ranked university is UWA.

Location: UWA is five kilometers from Perth’s central business center and next to Kings Park, on the banks of the Swan River.

The University of Western Australia
The University of Western Australia

Experience of students: UWA provides a top-notch education. Students gain valuable critical thinking skills, work experience, and instruction from top experts. Students are prepared for modern careers by taking new, industry-relevant courses. 27,000 students were enrolled in 2021, and Quacquarelli Symonds ranked UWA as the most employable university in WA for graduates.

10. RMIT University

RMIT or The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is a global leader in the fields of communication and media studies, business and management, architecture, education, engineering, and computer science.

The institution has a sizable campus and is well known internationally for its outstanding professional and vocational education, applied research, and other services. In 1887, Francis Ormond lay the university’s first bricks. It started off as a night school where students could take technology, art, and science-related classes. In 1992, the university received the designation of public university.

The university receives $54.1 million in revenue from its research. In the sphere of art and design subjects, the university is ranked 11th worldwide. RMIT University’s main campus is in the heart of Melbourne and has significant historical significance due to its location in the city’s historic district. Bundoora Campus and Brunswick Campus are the university’s other two Australian sites. It also includes a center in Spain, two regional locations, two campuses, and two locations in Vietnam. Since then, 87 buildings have been added to the campus.

RMIT University is distinguished by its lack of dividing walls and expansive layout, which spans six city blocks and a vast area of around 720,000 square meters.

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