10 Top Australian Universities

Australia has long been a preferred study destination, boasting world-renowned universities as well as vibrant cities that exude life and history, welcoming communities, and unique cultural identities.

Australia boasts an extensive variety of world-renowned universities, including those affiliated with the Group of Eight and Australian Technology Network. Furthermore, Australian institutions consistently perform well in global university rankings in categories like research production and teaching effectiveness.

Top Australian Universities
Top Australian Universities

University rankings provide you with an idea of whether a particular school is the perfect place for you when seeking foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate pathways in Australia.

Students often rely on reliable ranking services such as QS World University Rankings and Times Higher Education World (THE) University Rankings as part of their research prior to applying abroad.

Here we present, with information from the most recent World University Rankings, Australia’s top universities for 2022.

Top Australian Universities

1. The University of Melbourne

Victoria legislature established one of Australia’s first universities, The University of Melbourne, with just a liberal arts program at first. Law school, engineering program and medical school programs were later added in 1857-1862 respectively while in 1895 a music conservatory opened up which eventually evolved into what is now faculty of music.

2. The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is a coed, public university located in Sydney that receives funding from both New South Wales and Australia’s Commonwealth government. Established in 1850, it is Australia’s oldest and largest university.

Six resident colleges comprise the university: St. Paul’s (Church of England), established in 1854; St. John’s (Roman Catholic), in 1857; St. Andrew’s (Presbyterian), 1867; Women’s College (nondenominational), in 1889; Wesley College (Uniting), 1910 and Sancta Sophia College (Roman Catholic and predominantly women), founded in 1929 (although initial women admission had begun as early as 1881).

3. Monash University

Monash University International students studying in Australia often choose Monash University due to its international renown. What attracts so many individuals to Monash? The main causes are covered here.

Top Australian Universities
Top Australian Universities

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4. The Australian National University

Australian National University is a state-funded university located in Canberra, Australia, founded in 1946 for graduate studies only and opening to undergraduate studies beginning with Canberra Institution College (1929) joining in 1960.

5. UNSW Sydney

At UNSW Sydney, its heart can be found not in its luxurious buildings or breathtaking gardens but within its people: alumni, students and donors who contribute to developing a more equitable society while their diverse perspectives represent various people, places, and purposes that contribute towards its development.

6. The University of Queensland

University of Queensland (UQ), one of Australia’s premier teaching and research universities and perennial contender for global top spot, placed second in Australia and 42nd overall in the 2021 Aggregate Ranking of Top Universities. UQ’s main campus can be found in Brisbane which will host both Olympic and Paralympic Games 2032.

7. The University of Technology Sydney

Sydney is home to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), an energetic, youthful and international university.

UTS is currently ranked 137th by QS and 143rd by Times Higher Education on their respective lists of the world’s 200 best universities, and for seven years running QS has rated UTS as Australia’s top young university.

UTS’ cutting-edge teaching and learning methodology combines the best elements of both online and in-person learning, offering students a holistic education geared toward careers with strong ties to business – equipping them for tomorrow in ways appropriate now.

8. The University of Adelaide

At the University of Adelaide, we support and unify those working to improve both themselves and society at large. You have an unparalleled chance to make a markful mark here!

Established in 1874, we now boast over 22,000 students and 3,000 employees who work tirelessly to advance society. Our university is among the top one percent worldwide, and is situated at the center of Australia’s most liveable city*.

9. The University of Western Australia

UWA was established in 1911 and quickly earned acclaim as a world-class learning, teaching and research institution. UWA remains Western Australia’s highest ranked university today.

Location: UWA is five kilometres from Perth’s central business center and lies adjacent to Kings Park along the Swan River banks.

The University of Western Australia
The University of Western Australia

Experience of Students: UWA offers an outstanding education, providing its students with valuable critical thinking skills, work experience and instruction from top experts. UWA prepares modern careers by offering industry-relevant courses. In 2021 alone 27,000 students enrolled and Quacquarelli Symonds named it as the most employable university in WA for graduates.

10. RMIT University

RMIT or Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is renowned for being a global leader in communication and media studies, business management, architecture, education engineering and computer sciences.

The University is known globally for its outstanding professional and vocational education, applied research, and other services. Established by Francis Ormond in 1887 as a night school offering classes related to technology, art, and science subjects. Later designated a public university by its government.

RMIT University generates $54.1 million annually through research revenues. Within art and design subjects, it ranks 11th globally. RMIT’s main campus can be found in Melbourne’s historic district while Bundoora Campus and Brunswick Campus serve as additional Australian sites of the university. Furthermore, a center has also been set up in Spain with two regional sites serving Vietnam plus two other locations containing campuses; since 2003 87 new buildings have been added to RMIT University campuses worldwide.

RMIT University stands out with its absence of walls and expansive layout, covering six city blocks over an area covering approximately 720,000 square meters.

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