10 Nail Care Tips For Strong, Healthy Nails

Nail Care Tips : Strong, healthy nails have the nicest appearance. However, there are
several factors that might cause nail bed damage, ranging from nail biting
to tearing off remaining polish. Learning how to care for your nails might
help you overcome the impacts of unhealthy habits

1) Hydrate your nails

Nail Care Tips
Nail Care Tips

Your nails, like your skin, require moisture to stay healthy. You can use
petroleum jelly, vitamin E, or cuticle cream to hydrate. For the greatest
effects, rub them into your nails and cuticles.

2) Keep Your Cuticles to Yourself

Nail Care Tips
Nail Care Tips

Your cuticles should be left alone, except from hydrating them. It is
preferable to avoid cutting them since they serve to protect your nail from
germs. If you must clip a cuticle, use a cuticle-removing solution rather than
a knife.

3) Take Care

Nail Care Tips
Nail Care Tips

You should be delicate while filing your nails or removing nails paint.
Ripping off polish can remove layers from your nails, causing them to
weaken. And remember to file your nails in only one direction. A jerky back
and forth motion may cause further harm to your nails.

4) Maintain Personal Hygiene

Nail Care Tips
Nail Care Tips

Clean nails are healthy nails. Scrub the bottom of your nails with soap and
water to maintain proper nail hygiene. This removes any dirt and bacteria
that might harm your nails. Experts also advise that you maintain your nails

5) Maintain Clean and Dry Fingernails

Nail Care Tips
Nail Care Tips

While it is necessary to preserve moisture in your nails, exposing them to
water on a regular basis may cause harm. Overexposure to water weakens
them and makes them more prone to breaking

6) Avoid using abrasive polishes.

Nail Care Tips
Nail Care Tips

If you want healthy nails, you may need to skip the nail paint for a bit. Many
nail polishes remove the thin protective covering of the nail, which might
lead to a weaker nail.

7) Utilize a High-Quality Remover

Nail Care Tips
Nail Care Tips

Although acetone might cause nail drying, it is preferable to use 100%
acetone instead of other typical nail polish removers. Acetone is the
quickest and easiest technique to remove old nail polish. There’s no need
for vigorous washing or many applications—a paper towel dampened with
acetone should do for quick removal. Acetone from the cosmetic section,
not the hardware or cleaning section, should be used.

8) Investigate Natural Nail Strengthening Treatments

Nail Care Tips
Nail Care Tips

Vitamin E is one of the greatest vitamins for nails. According to research, it
promotes nail health by avoiding yellow, damaged, and peeling nails.
Coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, jojoba oil, almond oil, or olive oil can all be
used to help enhance your nails.

9) Eat Healthily

Nail Care Tips
Nail Care Tips

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There are several meals that provide nail-supporting vitamins and minerals,
but dark green leafy vegetables, quinoa, almonds, and black beans are
among the most significant. This is due to the presence of magnesium,
which aids in protein synthesis and the development of new nails.

10) Do Not Make Use of Your Nails as Tools

Nail Care Tips
Nail Care Tips

Don’t be tempted to use your nails to scrape or lift something, such as a
sticker or a beverage can tab. It might cause breaking by putting pressure
on the weakest area of your nails.

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