What prevent you from losing weight easily

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Weight loss

Many people suffer from obesity or overweight, and it is normal for them to try to losing excess weight very quickly, but weight loss is gradual and steady; That is, an average of 450-900 grams per week is considered the best way to reduce weight and maintain a healthy weight, and it should be noted that weight reduction depends mainly on exercising and following a diet that helps reduce weight, and it is worth noting that losing weight is not easy, but rather requires Determination and commitment on the part of the person, and this article will explain the reasons that prevent you from losing weight.

Reasons that prevent you from losing weight

When talking about reasons that prevent you from losing weight, it is indicated that it is normal for a weight loss to occur when desired and there is a plan that supports its occurrence, but in certain cases a person may not notice the lack of weight despite following the necessary instructions for that, and the following is an explanation of the most prominent reasons that may It is attributed to not losing weight:

Adopting the pattern followed to reduce weight on exercising without dieting, so it is necessary for a decrease in calories to achieve weight loss, and it follows that the body must burn more calories than it gets from the diet.

Adopting a bad diet, as the principle is that the diet used to reduce weight is based on scientific foundations based on actual weight loss and not counterproductive, taking into account that the diet followed is logical, as the great deprivation may lead to adverse results at the end of the prescribed period To follow this diet, and in this context, it is indicated that the diet should primarily depend on reducing unhealthy sugars and fats.

Insufficient exercise, it is necessary to exercise regularly to reduce weight, and based on specific studies, to achieve actual weight loss, it is worth exercising for a period of at least 225 to 420 minutes per week, with an emphasis on the need to diversify the exercises that are practiced, including Aerobic and non-aerobic exercises.

Drinking sugary drinks in high quantities, as this type of drink stands an obstacle to weight reduction, in addition to its high sugar content, it contains large quantities of calories, and it prevents a person from feeling hungry, which makes consuming it easy without noticing problems And the obstacles that may ensue.

Poor sleep, or not getting enough sleep, according to studies, this may increase the risk of obesity and diabetes, in addition to negatively affecting the body’s ability to regulate hunger, according to other studies, adults between the ages of 18-65 years They need 7-9 hours of sleep, while the elderly need 7-8 hours of sleep.

Drinking alcoholic drinks in large quantities, as these drinks contain high amounts of calories, apart from that, they increase the amount of fat in the body.

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Benefits of losing weight

After explaining the reasons that prevent you from losing weight, it is indicated that the benefit of losing weight is not limited to achieving the ideal weight that supports the appearance of a person, but that this has several effects on the psychological and physical health of a person, and the following is an explanation of the most prominent benefits of losing weight:

Reduce the risk of developing diseases; Such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol levels in the blood.

Improving mobility and mobility.

Enhancing a person’s self-confidence, and his ability to engage with people and form social relationships.

Increase energy and reduce psychological stress.

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