Top 8 Sci-Fi Movies You Need to Watch

Science fiction films have long been a fan-favorite genre. Viewers love escaping into their world of aliens, time travel and parallel universes through sci-fi cinematic works such as Blade Runner or “The Matrix”, among many others. Here are some great sci-fi flicks to help get your sci-fi movie binge started:

Top 8 Sci-Fi Movies You Need to Watch
Top 8 Sci-Fi Movies You Need to Watch

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Before diving into these classic sci-fi films, be sure to familiarize yourself with their fundamentals. Sci-fi movies often explore the unknown and its limits within human life; common themes include space colonization, time travel and parallel universes as well as artificial intelligence and extraterrestrial life; many of these topics have also been explored extensively in literature or comics and have made into Hollywood blockbusters.

Top Sci-Fi Movies

1) The Matrix

The Matrix is an iconic sci-fi movie that explores themes of artificial intelligence and what could happen if humans no longer existed. The plot centers on Neo, an IT hacker who becomes trapped inside an artificial reality simulation where human lives serve as energy sources for an enormous computer program; rebels later discover this simulation is reality itself! Known for its slow-motion action sequences and state-of-the-art visual effects (at the time), The Matrix remains one of the prime examples of sci-fi genre excellence today.

2) Blade Runner

Another cult classic exploring themes of artificial intelligence, Blade Runner follows a police officer charged with hunting down and terminating replicant robots known as replicants in 2019. Set in 2019, this film explores themes such as life and death while exploring society’s progress over time and how technology interacts with humanity.

3) Contact

Contact is a science fiction movie that delves deep into themes surrounding extraterrestrial life and its promise. It tells the tale of Dr. Eleanor Arroway, an astrophysicist who makes first contact with an extraterrestrial species. The film offers an interesting take on sci-fi storytelling; rather than using action sequences and special effects to explore first contact, instead its focus is more on moral and ethical implications of such encounters.

4) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is an iconic classic that explores time travel themes and follows an officer of Starfleet charged with stopping an old adversary from conquering the galaxy. It’s famed for its captivating twist ending and is the second film in the Star Trek series; this time featuring conflict between Khan, their crew aboard USS Enterprise, and genetically engineered Tyrant (Khan).

5) District 9

District 9 is an outstanding sci-fi movie that explores extraterrestrial life and colonization themes, featuring an inspector charged with overseeing their eviction from slums where extraterrestrial creatures have been living for some time. Set in dystopian South Africa where humans have become infected with an infectious disease causing rapid mutation, this film explores themes such as segregation and humanitarianism without becoming preachy.

6) eXistenZ

ExistenZ is a cult classic that examines virtual reality (VR) technology, the potentials for its widespread adoption, and how dangerous or beneficial its use might be in future society. The story follows a game designer forced to play virtual reality game created with her publicist after an infection outbreak occurs within their game they created – it’s a fascinating examination of virtual reality as an artform with both advantages and drawbacks as an artform – it also explores dangers versus benefits associated with VR medium use – making for an interesting viewing experience!

7) Alien

Alien, one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made, explores themes of extraterrestrial life through its story of an interplanetary spaceship that encounters an extraterrestrial parasite and must fight to stay alive in order to continue traveling the cosmos. A must see classic for any viewer interested in extraterrestrial topics! 7) Alien (cult classic)

8) AI: Artificial Intelligence

AI: Artificial Intelligence is a sci-fi film that explores themes surrounding artificial intelligence and our future where robots may feel emotions like love. The story follows a young boy placed under care of an AI robot after both his parents disappeared unexpectedly, this remake follows its plot closely while taking a more reflective and philosophical approach to its themes than its original.

These sci-fi movies will get your binge watching started in no time. There are countless other good sci-fi flicks out there and many explore similar themes as those on this list, so be sure to explore your niche or cult obsession of sci-fi films to find one that speaks to you.

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