Top 10 sad romantic movies Part 2

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5- A Walk to Remember (2002)

This romantic movie is similar to The Fault in Our Stars, but with some distinct tweaks. We will see the love story that will gradually arise between Jamie (Jamie) and London (Landon) who are totally contradictory, how Jamie is afraid of love, because she is sick … how to keep her wishes on her papers .. and how London will try to achieve them no matter how difficult or trivial it seems.

This movie is one of the softest, melancholy romantic films that will urge you to be satisfied with the endings, as there is no payment for it if it comes.

4- Her (2013) movie

Can we consider Her movie a sad romantic movie?

I will tell you a brief summary of his story to decide that, events revolve around Theodore who decides to buy the first smart operating system in the world, a system that is fully capable of responding to you, and logically answering all your questions, and even making you feel that you are talking with a real person who has a voice, shape and identity Dreams, pains and fun!

And Theodore loves Samantha, OS Sound, really loves her! He loved what does not exist!

The messages of Her can be carried away from the sad romance, and we see it as a warning to a future problem. As we are now interacting emotionally with our phones and screen, perhaps more than our interaction with real life!

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3- Remember me (2010)

Remember me deserves to be among the top 10 sad romantic films, because it has a special character and is intertwined with many social issues.

The film shows us the story of Tyler (Tyler), who is going through a psychological crisis due to the separation of his parents after his brother’s suicide. During these turmoil’s, he meets a coincidence (Ally) that supports him and pulls him out of his grief, but the end of the film will be painful for all parties.

2- Amour (2012)

Sad romantic movies are super realistic because they present an aspect of life that we don’t usually see in kisses or hot scenes. In the shocking film Amour, you will feel the monotony of old age and the pain of the relationship between the two old men in the film.

Amour is a film that presents the struggle between time, love, death, contentment and pain, all at the same time and the same frame. Love with life is beautiful, and life in love is more beautiful, but time is stronger than any miracle. Unfortunately!

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1- Atonement (2007) | Sadest romantic movie

Atonement is one of the best movies I have ever seen!

The film revolves around us in different periods, in a large house where the family meets and a funny love story arises. And soon events change due to a lie by a young girl accusing her sister’s lover, as the reason for their separation. I will leave you to watch the movie so that you know why I chose it among the 10 most romantic films with sad endings.

Atonement is wonderful in its story, and in its transitions, it is a movie that makes you pledge to be honest even if the lie from your point of view is simple. It pushes you to think about the consequences of things to a different extent. and urges you to take advantage of every moment, because easily it may be an act of last minute!

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