Top 10 sad romantic movies Part 1

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10- the best offer (2013)

At the start of “The Best Offer” you feel like it’s just a romantic movie iteration, but the films have endings, right? The film will take us to the world of an eminent man who is the most important auctioneer. It displays the most important international paintings, and is able, in a flash, to perceive the fake painting from the original painting.

He keeps the most beautiful drawing of the world’s greatest artist in a private hideout in his home that no one enters, and he believes that real art cannot be falsified. Is he also able to distinguish true feelings from fake ones? Could love be for someone like this?

This is what I’ll leave you to know and contemplate with the hero of The Best Offer romantic, sadly, sadly with romance!

9- Cast away (2000) | One of the saddest romantic films

The movie shows how the life of Nuland, an employee of the FedEx express delivery company, will be like when the cargo plane falls while he is traveling, only to find himself isolated on a remote island where no one else is present.

But why do I consider it one of the best sad romantic films, despite the fact that it is mostly set on an island?

What makes me classify Cast away as a sad romantic movie is that his sweetheart lost hope in his return and lived a story of love and marriage with another person. Thus, the closest people to us may overtake us, because life is by its nature bitter, and it is difficult to live on memories. and transgression is a temporary preoccupation and continuous escape the memories that haunt us!

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8- The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

One of the most famous sad romantic films, and one of the coolest and truest movies you can watch too!

The Fault in Our Stars is based on John Green’s novel of the same name. The film introduces us to a painful world in its beginning and its end is not different from it, but what is between them is a romantic love story that gives us hope and makes us enjoy the limited moments available.

The story revolves around the teenage Hazel (Hazel) and Augustus, who meet in a cancer support group, and soon become close to each other, because of their common characteristics and opinions. Of course, I don’t need to tell you that the movie will have a sad ending, as this is the title of the article in the original!

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7- The Notebook (2004)

As soon as The Notebook movie is mentioned, and you will find that those who watched it feel a lump in their heart, because it is a film that does not end with a heartbreaking end like the previous films, but it is a sensitive, realistic and logical ending .. and this is the most painful and most joyful as well!

It is a movie in which feelings and transitions are mixed between poor boy Noah and his sweetheart, Allie, ending in the nursing home. It is a movie that pushes you to stick to your love until the last moment … even if you forget it, because perhaps love is the only message that deserves to be deposited in our notebook!

6- Me Before You (2016) | One of the most famous sad romantic films

Could love give us more time? Scientifically for sure, as some studies have confirmed that married couples who share a loving and friendly relationship live better health and for a longer time, but what if our love is unable to prevent death?

 In Me Before you, there are two main events:

    Young Lou Clark is suddenly fired.

    In an accident, wealthy young Will Traynor is quadriplegic.

So serve Lu with all her energy Will, and soon a romantic relationship arises between them, but it will not last for long, because love sometimes does not prevent death, and if it is possible to postpone it!

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