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The Devil Wears Prada is one of the genius films that has succeeded in capturing the complex and empty lives of a large portion of celebrities by showing the struggle between ordinary life and the life of the spotlight.

As for me, the light has always disturbed me .. I do not know whether it is a disease or just my dread that you see the details and see them clearly. But, I wasn’t always like this. Rather, my life was beset by – and still is – periods of chasing after the limelight, meaning clarity, knowledge, and being discovered. The pursuit of a happy life full of desire and will and living a different experience is what ruins me the most!

Under the Light of the Devil Wears Prada

This case reminds me of the movie The Devil Wears Prada, which was adapted from the novel of the same name by Lauren Weisberger .. The film shows the story of Andy, the ambitious, recent graduate … who is applying to work for Runway magazine as the second secretary of Miranda Priestley, one of the most important characters in Fashion world, a job that is repeatedly described throughout the film as “a job millions of girls fight over”. The Devil Wears Prada

 Despite Andy’s complete distance from the world of fashion and fashion, and that she is a very modest girl in choosing her clothes .. She decides to apply for this job in the hope of building broader future relationships that will enable her to work as a journalist as she wants. The Devil Wears Prada

Sequels of the Pursuit of Unusual Life from The Devil Wears Prada

Because of her magazine chief Miranda Priestley’s boredom with superficial girls, she decided to appoint Andy against everyone’s expectation. With time, the girl who was mocking the extreme exaggeration of fashion details and color elements turned into one of them, changing her clothes in sophisticated elegance every day.

And she was under constant pressure to prove herself to Miranda in order to be recognized for her success and intelligence .. She drifted with the tide of reality towards a series of lights, parties and events. I will not burn you the rest of the events (or I will burn them, I don’t know!), But Andy will decide to give up everything at the moment of her success because she made sure that she did not want this way .. After she abandoned her lover and her friends, and her relationship with them flattened, and she saw that her boss Miranda is living a life Really devoid of life! A life we ​​live in order to prove our right to it in front of the lights and magazines .. But behind the screen, behind what people see .. a miserable, contradictory, painful life, surrounded by emptiness on every side! (Did the events spoil you? I apologize, you merged a little … but it is still important for you to watch The Devil Wears Prada movie!)

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Can we stick to our normal lives without trying a Prada?

I do not know whether everyone should experience his wild ambition, even if it was not suitable for him from the start, as the heroine of The Devil Wears Prada did, or is it sufficient to climb on the logical ladder of ambition .. or the continuation of his life that time passes to end simply and ordinary .. And he writes on His grave (He lived normal and died normal).

But we try in various ways to deviate from the path of our monotonous day .. We try to get to know a new friend, we have a conversation with a stranger, we travel to a special place, we move to another job, we get bored of our old relationship .. and we despair of finding any alternatives, so what should we do? Should we try to get there no matter what? Even if we give up our family and friends, for example, like Andy? What if we find it contradicting what we believe in, and Andy didn’t want to rise above her co-worker, but she found herself doing. The Devil Wears Prada

She didn’t want to change her style, but she did. She didn’t want to work for a fashion magazine at all, but she did and continued … etc.

When should we stop?

In “Eleven Minutes” by Paulo Coelho, a very beautiful sentence sticks in my mind: “Few people know when to stop.”

In fact, this sentence is very expressive and sincere. In many of my personal situations, I knew that I should stop, to apologize and leave … or even leave without apology … to refuse … I say no, or I must leave now! I don’t mean saying these things generally to someone else, we may need to say them to ourselves as well when we want something that doesn’t work very well for us.

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