The 8 Best Business Opportunities You Can Start With Less Than $100

Are You Searching For Business Opportunities But Lack Money? Starting a new business from scratch may cost more than expected, but that doesn’t mean starting one with little funds is impossible – there may be many cheap startup ideas out there just waiting to be explored! Just know where to look for them.

1) Run an Online Store

When starting an eCommerce business, startup costs can range anywhere from zero to several thousands of dollars. Even without much cash at hand, you can still find ways to launch it; such as setting up shop in one of the numerous marketplaces which host and sell products on your behalf or opening an online store on Shopify with their free trial period in mind to determine if this path is worth following.

Run an Online Store
Run an Online Store

If you prefer doing everything yourself and don’t wish to pay hosting costs, Shopify makes creating and operating an online store easy and costs less than $100 annually. Once launched, your store may take some time but is certainly an attractive business idea with low start-up costs.

2) Become a Virtual Assistant

One way you can make extra money by helping other people is through providing services like scheduling appointments, answering emails and updating social media accounts. TaskRabbit allows you to bid on these jobs immediately upon signing up and you can start offering your services as soon as you register. Another well-established side hustle idea is becoming a virtual assistant (VA). Sites like Upwork provide virtual assistant jobs which you bid on; or reach out to people in your network and see if any administrative work needs doing.

Before becoming a virtual assistant (VA), there are a few important considerations. Pay rates on virtual assistant sites tend to be relatively low and it may be difficult to secure higher-paying jobs; to offset this shortcoming you could offer your services for reduced rates within your network of contacts.

3) Offer Web Design Services

If you possess design skills, freelance services may be an option for you to offer clients. Find clients using sites such as Fiverr or PeoplePerHour; alternatively use Worky to connect with clients based on your skillset. When starting out it might be worthwhile signing up for several different services and offering discounted prices or promo codes to establish yourself quickly in the industry.

Once you have some regular clients, it should be easy to set your rates and secure more customers. Website design is an accessible skill that almost anyone can pick up; with basic web design knowledge you can launch a website and offer your services via Fivver to clients looking for web designs services. When you have several regular clients under your belt, set your rates and begin booking new work orders!

4) Start a Blog

Blogs can be an effective way to build authority and increase website traffic. Although you can set up a blog for free, be mindful of any associated costs like hosting or buying domain names when running it – for instance if using you’ll have to pay both costs. Or alternatively you could try starting it on Medium which offers similar capabilities.

Start a Blog
Start a Blog

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However, these platforms don’t give you complete control of your content and may show advertisements on your site. Blogging may cost a few hundred dollars annually but is one of the best long-term investments you can make: visitors won’t have to pay to read your blog; and your traffic and lead generation capabilities could increase substantially as a result of it.

5) Write and Publish an E-Book

If you possess valuable knowledge to share, an easy way to launch a side business could be writing and publishing an e-book. E-books are relatively straightforward to create and self-publish online via platforms like Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords. Blogs and e-books can also help build audiences and establish yourself as an authority within a niche field.

This could lead to other business opportunities, including speaking engagements at conferences or writing for magazines. E-books can also serve as an effective means of testing the waters and building your presence without incurring an upfront investment; you can start creating one using free word processors such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs while spending your free time writing away!

6) Provide Marketing Services

Marketing is an umbrella term, covering everything from branding and copywriting to social media management and SEO. If you possess skills in any of these fields, offering your services to businesses or individuals who require help expanding their online presence could be rewarding work. In addition, reviewing current marketing campaigns of other businesses provides valuable feedback that could improve them significantly.

An excellent way to hone your skills and expand your portfolio, this service offers an easy way for professionals to hone their expertise while earning money helping other with their marketing campaigns. If you have recommendations on how to improve a business’s marketing, simply send in your proposal and offer your services for a fee – it could lead to even more opportunities!

7) Start a Paid Newsletter

Blogs can be an excellent way to expand your audience and attract traffic to your website, but creating blog posts takes a considerable amount of time, and they only appear once or twice every week or so. To ensure you stay top of mind with your audience and keep them coming back for more, paid newsletters may be just what’s needed; simply set up a mailing list and start sending monthly emails packed full of useful strategies, advice, tips or strategies from you or others that keep people coming back!

Start a Paid Newsletter
Start a Paid Newsletter

A newsletter can also be an effective way to connect with readers and promote other online ventures. Services such as WordPress, Mailchimp or Aweber offer free mailing list creation and management; but for greater control you could opt to host it yourself on one such as Aweber for added control over what happens with it.

8) Organize an Event or Conference

If you possess an area of expertise that interests others, or that people are passionate about, creating an event around it is an accessible and cost-effective way to start a business. A conference could be launched or guest speakers invited in for talks at universities nearby; one of the best and simplest ways of starting up a new venture can be accomplished with organizing such an event or conference on any topic or skill set imaginable!

Your event can benefit greatly from inviting guest speakers. For instance, if you’re an event manager in marketing, organizing a marketing conference and inviting marketing experts can be very valuable in terms of networking opportunities as well as earning extra income! Inviting people to attend can also help generate additional income while networking within your field – offering additional ways of making money as well.

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Conclusion mes As can be seen, there are various methods for starting a business without making significant financial investments. Simply invest your time and effort to see it through. And the good news is it doesn’t require much capital at all to launch one – starting your venture can start from as little as a few hundred dollars! While cheap business ideas exist, don’t expect them to produce huge fortunes overnight!

Remember that these businesses are affordable for a reason; they won’t make you much money without effort on your part. In order for these ventures to thrive and make you money, putting in plenty of work will be necessary; to see this project through successfully. With minimal capital outlay required and hard work put in by you as its leader, one could launch such businesses successfully and make decent living from them.