Spanish film The Platform Best review (El Hoyo): What does it mean to eat up other people’s lives?

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The concept of social solidarity and socialism is very, very old. The platform concepts were presented and presented to the public in many forms, in the form of books written by leaders of socialist movements or novels that have mastered the negatives of centralism and capitalism .. and finally in important cinematic works, of which the Korean film Parasite recently appeared on the scene, and our film in this article: The platform / platform The Spaniard.

The story of the movie (2019):

The events of the film revolve around an educated person named Goring (Evan Masagi) who, by choice, participates in the experience of the “platform”, which is a place like a prison made up of several layers (according to Göring’s thought in the beginning, the number was 250 layers, but it continued to descend until the 333rd layer) … and it is changed Residents of each class at the beginning of each month .. A table with all kinds of food and enough to satisfy all residents from class zero to the last layer descends from the Platform.

However, the reality is completely different, as you will find that food rarely exceeds the hundredth class .. so that the residents after that are drowned in their blood and animal actions of killing and eating each other’s meat to ward off hunger.

The Platform Trailer

David Desola and Pedro Rivero wrote the film in a sequential manner. Yes, the psychological dimensions and personal changes were not presented in detail .. But it is possible that they overlooked them in order to speed up the film’s pace to reduce boredom. Director Galder Gazzello Urretta succeeded in provoking me very much, and I think that if you watch the film … you will also be provoked, and this shows Galder’s professionalism.

A side I liked in The Platform movie

Away from the idea or what surrounds it from other aspects, which I will follow later on, I see that the embodiment of the concept of sharing and social solidarity in this way was strong and different and raises many questions in the soul .. considering the process of preparing food from the management of the platform was done completely and with great care as shown in The beginning of the movie ..

Let the director and writer direct the viewer’s attention to the fact that the error in the platform is not administrative, but lies in the problem of the residents and their lack of sympathy and support for each other enough (but, unfortunately, this contradicts the end of the film as you will see at the end of the article).

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Flattening reality in a deep cinematic way:

The Platform film not only flattened nature’s resources or human desires and restricted them to obtaining food, but it also avoided colliding with concepts of “community utility” as well.

For example, suppose I am a driver and I will get money as soon as I get you to the place you want .. Here, I got my share of the money because I provided a service that you benefited from .. But my neighbor is unemployed or just a lazy person who does not want to perform any task .. Would it be fair that we get the same share of money?

What we see in the movie The Platform is a timid presentation of the idea of ​​solidarity, which avoids showing the individual differences presented to society … on the basis of which – it is assumed – that everyone gets his share of money / food / drink … etc.

I do not deny in any way the existence of fundamental problems in the pricing system of services and professions around the world, nor do I deny that we are caught in the net of interest at the expense of humanity .. But what I want to say is that the platform movie assumed things that took it out of the realism of the idea, and that it avoided presenting the whole truth. Creating a story that only fits his idea, and summarizes a lot of things.

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