See the 10 basic skin care recommendations for oily skin in the summ

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skin care recommendations for oily skin
skin care recommendations for oily skin

skin care recommendations for oily skin:- Summer brings longer, brighter days and an uncomfortable humid sensation. The humidity levels rise in tandem with the temperatureThese environmental changes are significantly more damaging if you have oily skin.

Summer and oily skin do not mix; you must be more careful with your skin. Your ultimate beauty aim during summer should be to revise your skincare regimen and update your cosmetics wardrobe with the best summer skincare products for oily skin that truly care for your oily face!

skin care recommendations for oily skin

1. Use a mild moisturizer.

One of the most important things to do when summer approaches is to switch to a light moisturizer. You’re probably thinking why you should use moisturizer when your face is already oily.

This is because moisturizers moisturise your skin while also preventing excessive sebum production. This may help to reduce pimple outbreaks.

Use a mild mattifying moisturizer to keep your skin from becoming too oily by mid-day.

Use a mild moisturizer
Use a mild moisturizer

2. Don’t wash your face too frequently.

Your skin is made up of layers that moisturise it and shield it from environmental irritants. Your skin loses moisture when you overwash your face, which makes it believe that additional oil production is necessary to replenish its moisture.  As a result, instead of managing oil, you wind up with more 

Don't wash your face too frequently
Don’t wash your face too frequently

3. Blotting sheets should be used.

Always have blotting papers with you when you go out, and use them if your face becomes too oily. Tap these thin tiny papers gently on the glossy and grimy-looking areas of your skin to remove excess sebum.

The stickiness will go in an instant. However, do not misuse them since they may pull away vital oils from 

Blotting sheets should be used.
Blotting sheets should be used.

4. Exfoliate your skin with caution!

To clear your pores of dead skin cells, exfoliate your face once or twice a week. On the other hand, excessive exfoliation of the face might damage your skin’s barrier by eliminating vital oils and moisture. This may cause excessive sebum production.

Exfoliate your skin with caution

5. Use sunscreen.

Being in the sun can cause an increase in oil production, making your skin greasier. Apply broad-spectrum gel-based sunscreen to your face to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging UV radiation.

Include sunscreen as a must-have in your skincare regimen. Wear UV-blocking sunglasses, a broad-brimmed hat, and limit your time in the sun, especially during peak hours. Reapply sunscreen every two hours.

Use sunscreen
Use sunscreen

6. Use face masks

You may attain healthy skin by applying natural face masks like multani mitti or sandalwood. They aid in removing excess oil from the face, sanitizing the skin, and soothing it after a long summer.

Use face masks
Use face masks

7. Don’t forget to use toner.

This summer, incorporate toner into your skincare routine. Your skin will feel soothed by the toner’s astringent properties, which also help to control excessive oil production by closing open pores.

With oily skin, a witch hazel pore-tightening toner could be helpful. This skincare item removes extra oil from the skin’s surface and cleans and refines enlarged pores to minimize their appearance.

. Don't forget to use toner.
. Don’t forget to use toner.

8. Avoid cosmetics with a strong emollient base.

During the summer, avoid cosmetics with a strong emollient base since they are more likely to cause sebum overproduction, unpleasant outbreaks, and leave your acne-prone skin sticky. Also, don’t experiment with too many cosmetic items at once. 

Avoid cosmetics with a strong emollient base
Avoid cosmetics with a strong emollient base

9. Keep an eye on what you eat and drink.

Maintaining the health of your skin depends heavily on your nutrition. Steer clear of fried or greasy foods. Regardless of how alluring junk food may seem, try to eat a balanced, nutrient-rich diet.

 Keep an eye on what you eat and drink
Keep an eye on what you eat and drink

10. Micellar Water is an option.

Micellar water is a promising alternative for removing excess oil and impurities from your skin. 

Oily skin is actually a benefit! One significant advantage of having oily skin is that it has less fine lines and wrinkles since it produces more sebum. However, because of overactive sebaceous glands, you must cope with a variety of issues, including tired, dull skin and repeated acne outbreaks.

 Micellar Water is an option
Micellar Water is an optionImage by Monfocus from Pixabay

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