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Persona : I never forget how I felt while watching Ingmar Bergman, the Swedish film Persona. And I remember all the violent feelings that I had .. I know, you may have read hundreds of these praise introductions to a movie, but believe me .. Persona’s film is very different ..

What is the justification for the presence of the persona in our life?

The justification for the persona in our life can be linked to the pursuit of our psychological adjustment, which provides us with a comfortable life within the community, its needs, and what it expects from us.

Having the gap between your authentic self and your personality with people is not necessarily a bad factor (in theory), but the question here is:

What if your role conflicts with your desire?

Or did your values ​​conflict with the values ​​of society?

Or was the society corrupt, which widened the gap between your principled self?

What if you find that everything you do is fake in a way that distracts you from yourself, to the point where you don’t even know yourself?

Or you can no longer return to yourself, you are locked in persona, where there is no return?

In situations like these, what can you do? Will you continue to contradict yourself and accept society’s hypocrisy and cruelty? Or do you object, and if you object, in what form ??

Voluntary silence as an objection to existence

The heroine of our persona objected in her own way, choosing voluntary silence as a way to express the absence of the meaning of everything she does in our lives. She wants to fast for life.

At the beginning of Persona, we encounter rapid, successive images of a variety of objects, crucifixion, blood, penis, etc. A strange scene appears of a child looking at a confused picture of two women. Then we start getting into the story of the movie! This bizarre, ruthless introduction … keeps you ready and wondering at first shot.

I was surprised when I learned that the story of the film about a theater actress named Elizabeth is suddenly silent by a rational choice and not due to a psychological illness, as I explained in the previous long introduction .. And Alma the nurse takes care of our silent actress.

Alma becomes the patient, and we see Elizabeth in the role of the quiet nurse! No, they are a person who has split into two … or two in one, a confusing, overlapping situation that you encounter while watching the movie Persona ..

Is this what would happen if a person gave up his gap between himself and people?

The Struggle of Desperate Existences in Persona

Perhaps shortening the story of the movie, it made you wonder: Why did Elizabeth choose silence over suicide, for example? Isn’t her suicide in this case more logical?

You will also find in this scene, words that clarify part of the intended idea of ​​the movie Persona .. And how in real life, no one cares about your true face .. whether you are laughing, crying, singing, getting sick .. the originality of your actions will not be the focus of anyone’s attention.

But the doctor advised her to live this role – silence as a solution that refuses to exist – until Elizabeth rebuffed it just as she was banished from her previous roles, and she changed her skin accordingly.

Life is leaking, the door cannot be closed tightly

Here, the doctor justifies her point of view as well, not just the words sent, because you will not be able to live authentic life, and you refuse to commit suicide .. If you make .. No one will ask you, is this a real smile from your heart? Are you really okay? Do you need help, and how?

Your silence will not protect you for long, because life will leak out to you like water .. If you refuse to exist is a loose process .. because we are weaker than our desires .. our lives will seize our moments of weakness to deceive us with hope, with love, the hesitation of April, the smell of bread in the dawn, the opinions of a woman.

Which reminds me of an article I had previously read by Ghada El-Samman in which she was talking about her visit to the hospital of the insane … and how she found them all rational, owners of ideas, theories and principles .. And suddenly, she saw a nervous person … screaming violently in the place .. so she decided to change her mind, but soon I learned that this person – who was screaming – is the doctor in charge of treating patients … the sane doctor in the madhouse!

The judgment of the wise over the insane (of madness) is merely the rule of the majority over the minority, do you not agree with me? Maybe you should watch the movie Persona to delve deeper into this explanation.

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Many people disagree about the meaning of the movie Persona. Despite my previous interpretation, the film has many other interpretations.

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