Parasite review || Who are the real parasites: the rich or the poor?

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Parasite is a Korean movie – from South Korea of ​​course – the black comedy is evident in all its details, produced in 2019 AD. It stars Song Kang Ho, Sun Kaen Lee, Yoo Jeongjo, and more … You can check out the rest of the cast here. It was directed by Bong Joon-ho.

Whether you have seen the movie or not, this review is not intended to rate the movie Parasite per se. Rather, I aim to reflect on its idea by shedding light on its content in a social way that suits us. Now let me tell you a story!

Social Justice in Our Unparalleled Opportunities – An overview of the reality of the Parasites

Once, a friend discussed with me about the fairness of the private university system in Egypt, saying what it means is that it is neither fair nor logical for wealthy people to buy university degrees with their money, while others try their best to obtain that diploma with their effort and their devotion to books on cold winter nights.

The discussion took us for a long time until we got tired of hope, lost logic and lost arguments. But inside of me, I decided to keep one idea, that even if this was unjust, it is just the result of a stronger cause … which is the existence of the rich and the poor from the ground and the widening gap between them.

Is it possible to have money without seeking to spend it? Is it conceivable to have a cellar without ghosts? Thus, studies, cars, buildings, factories, chalets … are all a reflection of wealth. Nest, randomness, overcrowding, the degradation of dreams, and social conditions are all reflections of poverty.

We have the right to object, but we must know that our objections reflect the size of the gap and prove its wideness. To that extent, it sounds beautiful! But, brother! How does this relate to the topic? What does Parasite have to do with the arguments of you and your friend ?!

Your patience with me! This is the essence of the subject and this meaning that is in the poet’s belly! Come on, let’s start as if this is the first article.

So what’s the story of Parasite that caused an uproar?

Parasite’s story, in short, without burning, is a presentation of the life of a poor family that circumvents a wealthy family to work for it with a series of lies by slowly getting rid of the old workers who work for the rich family and then nominating a poor family member as if they did not know him.

Parasite discusses several themes, namely:

– The disparity in economic conditions terribly between two families from the same country.

Despite the intelligence of the poor, fraud was their main source of livelihood.

The power of social stratification, so that the current systems cannot provide a solution to this dilemma without disturbing the lives of any of the individuals (or a group of them)!

Rich people live in a shell far from reality.

The possibility of the collapse of the shelter of the poor due to natural conditions and climate change at any moment.

When you are Parasite, you only care to keep going!

As I mentioned earlier, Parasite has brought up aspects of the poor treat each other. And how selfishness of each person appears in getting rid of those who oppose his interest (as they refused to understand and it was the choice of each of them to expose the other) while the rich do not go through these struggles, because their energy is reserved and directed to how they can enjoy opportunities! – You will make sure of that when you see the last party that the rich have held after Rainy day.

He also explained the rich’s panic about disease, bad smell, and direct interaction with the outside world (as the wealthy family relied on nominations of those they know in advance in every matter related to them), meaning that the extent of the disparity made the rich forget about life around them until their perception was confined within their narrow society.

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Utopia novel and Parasite movie, are there any similarities between them?

Let me link the Utopia novel to the parasite movie, because the similarity between them is great and clear. While the rich isolated themselves in special “compounds” and the poor lived in extreme poverty, they ate dog meat in the novel Utopia. Parasite weaves its characters perfectly together and it is the strongest conflict because it is a direct one between the two parties.

In Utopia, the poor hear but do not see, dream and do not realize how the rich enjoy or what kind and forms of bliss are. But in the movie Parasite, the direct collision with knowledge, and that you – with all your feelings and aspirations – do not have a quarter of what the rich live in, you do not believe this at all, and it can lead you to one of the two things:

Self-contempt and reverence for the rich

As that shock resulting from a direct collision with reality, may make some poor people magnify their wealthy. And they imagine that without them they could never live! Therefore, they should praise and thank them for their intrusiveness! In so doing, the full and symbolic meaning of the word Parasite is fulfilled.

An example from the movie: This act was manifested in the character of the first maid’s husband, “Jeon-si”, and by his strange actions that were similar to prayers for his wealthy master for the last moment, when he was banging his head against the wall as a sign of gratitude and his repeated word Respect in ritual acts like worship!

The second thing: if this trauma turns you into a ferocious contempt for the rich, and you become overwhelmed with anger when you deal with them.

An example from the movie: the driver’s character, “Kim Ki-tik,” charged with anger and indifference, until he eventually killed his wealthy master Park Dong-ik due to his exaggerated and persistent dissatisfaction with his musty smell.

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