New Ways to Make Money Online From Home for Free in 2021

New Ways to Make Money Online From Home for Free in 2021

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20/20 has shaken the world eventually everyone will be back to their normal lives and their jobs but do you want to be the job loss caused by the pandemic has been a serious wake-up call. Many people are back at work they’ve woken up to the realization that they can no longer rely on one stream of income or they just don’t want two decades ago you could go to school get a job and eventually work your way up in a company and afford a comfortable lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of but that’s not the reality in 2020.

if you want to build your dream life you need to start by building multiple income streams and those income streams can be online and you can do them all from home remember when you’re working a nine-to-five you’re investing in your company’s success you need to make sure that you’re spending your five to nine investing in your own personal success and that investment in yourself can make you money instead of costing you money. in this article I’m gonna give you seven ways to make money online from home for free that’s right for free meaning no upfront costs and you won’t be seeing drop shipping on this list that’s because even though drop shipping is an amazing business bottle that doesn’t have a huge cost to entry it does still require you to invest in a few things. if you’re looking for ways to make money online with no upfront cost at all this list is for you that’s enough talking let’s start scheming.

First way to make money online from home

it is ready for medium comm if you’ve never heard of medium I’ll give you a quick rundown medium is a website where you can write and share articles about almost any subject but medium works like a lot of newspapers and works on a subscription basis well if you jump on medium comm right now you’ll be able to read articles for free you have a limited number of articles that you can read until you need to pay five dollars a month to access the entire website. This five-dollar membership fee allows the people who actually write articles for medium to be paid for their work and guess what it doesn’t cost you anything to start writing those articles you can jump onto medium comm and sign up to start writing and sharing articles. All you need to do is attach your banking information so that they can pay you as soon as your articles go live.

If you write articles for medium comm your pay will depend on how many people actually view your articles and how long they spend reading them you tuber Shelby Church did an experiment where she tested writing articles for medium and seeing how much she would get paid I’ll give you the TLDR version the first few articles that she wrote on medium didn’t get that many views in traction and she only made a few cents however the last article that she wrote for them made over six thousand dollars you heard that right. how did her article make so much and how can you follow the same strategy to start earning money on as well median has numerous publications on their website publications are just curated articles that people submit to them these publications have thousands of followers.

so if you submit your article to a publication and then they reshare it with their audience you’ll be getting all those viewers looking and reading your article now if a publication shares your article you actually get all the pay from that article and they don’t take any commission from it also there is no limit to the number of publications that you can submit your article to or how many articles you can submit so you’re free to continue writing and submitting your articles to as many publications that you feel are relevant of course not all your articles will be accepted in Shelby’s experiment there were a few articles that she submitted to publications that were not accepted however she continued to submit them and eventually one of her articles was accepted into a huge publication with tens of thousands of followers now once it was accepted there it was actually also picked up by a medium calm and spotlighted on their front page and sent out an email now once that happened that’s where that six thousand dollar earnings came from of course you can expect that every article. you write will be featured in a publication or featured by medium themselves however this is a huge amount of money and she herself said that that article took only one hour to write. while it can be slow to start medium can be an amazing way to make money online especially if you have an app or interest in writing just don’t get discouraged and continue to write as many articles as you can and submitting them into publications.

Let’s move on to our second way to make money online from home for free if you read blogs watch youtube videos or create your own content you’ve definitely worked with stock footage before and selling stock footage is my next suggestion for how to make money online from home stock footage is photos and videos about every possible subject imaginable that you can use on blog posts videos or anywhere that you share contents online while there are some amazing free stock photo websites many of them also actually charge by photo and video and one of those is shutterstock if someone wants to use a photo or video from Shutterstock then they actually need to purchase the rights to do so when they purchase those rights part of the money goes to the person who originally shot the photo or the video and that can be you now I want to make something super clear you do not need to be a professional photographer or even have a professional camera to make moneyselling stock footage online.

Let’s look at an sample from Shutterstock in this article. you can see a woman at home who is talking on a headset and taking notes while working on her laptop many people would be able to shoot a scene exactly like this right now in their living room. if you look at the cost of the video you’ll notice that the 4k video costs a hundred and forty nine euros it’s expensive but lots of companies and businesses are willing to pay that price for these stock videos now if you compare to the price of a photo or videos that are just HD you’ll see that 4k costs way more and if you want to sell stock footage online that’s a strategy that you need to follow.

If you want to make the most money selling stock footage you need to be shooting videos and shooting videos in 4k but before you freak out thinking that you don’t have a camera that shoots in 4k. I want to remind you that most I phones and a lot of Android phones actually have 4k video cameras built right into them that’s right I could take a replica of that video in my living room right here with my iPhone and listen on shutter stock for a hundred and forty-nine euros of course how much money you make actually depends on how many people purchase the rights to your videos. but this is an amazing strategy for someone who’s looking for a passive income source because once you post the videos. you don’t have to do anything you can just continue to live your life and focus on other ventures take more photos or more videos and it will still be listed on Shutterstock making you money to give you an example that from handcraft films did an experiment where she wanted to see how much you would get paid in the entire year of 2019 for stock footage in 2019.

She made over three thousand dollars selling stock footage if you have a smartphone or camera you have no excuse to not give this a try the next way to make money online from home is reselling your old clothes shoes and accessories I know I know you’re watching this video because you want to make money not twenty dollars selling one random band t-shirt that you forgot about you know what Iwould really like a Mariah Carey band t-shirt that’s what I would really like the online reselling game has completely exploded in the last few years the vice-president of marketplace at Deepak reports that there are many sellers who are bringing in as much as three hundred thousand dollars per year this is not your weird uncle’s eBay store maybe dad my dad had any based or smelling goods from Russia depop is a marketplace that is a mix between eBay and Instagram if you’re part of Gen Z or if you know people that are gens E they definitely either browsed or use D pop before this secret to D pop success and ultimately your success using D pop is it explore function if you want to find something to sell on eBay you have to type it in exactly getting a word wrong or spawn something wrong sometimes will not bring up the results that you’re looking for deep pop on the other hand helps you find products that you might not be looking for or at least are related to the keywords that you search that means when you want to list something to sell you can apply different tags and deep pops algorithm will actually help others find it even if they didn’t specifically look for it in the first place if you’re having a hard time wrapping your head around this type of algorithm think about tik-tok it kind of works in a similar way not exactly because tick-tocks algorithm is under lock and key but you get the idea also with deep up you aren’t actually limited to only selling vintage clothes if you make accessories or crafts or some sort of artwork you can also sell it on deeper it’s actually an amazing marketplace because the marketing is done for you to give you an example if I wanted to create and sell my own necklaces.

I would run into the challenge of marketing once I set up a store I would have to find customers whether it be on Instagram or tik-tok or with Facebook Ads but on deep hop all you need to do is tag your products and all of a sudden everyone is seeing them it’s an amazing strategy if you’re just looking to get started selling a few small things now you might be thinking okay I can definitely make some money on deep pop but this is definitely not a long term strategy for me that’s fine when it comes to making money online you want to be really open you know whatever you can do to take it to the next step take it to the next level is what’s gonna help you grow and develop a bigger business in the future even if you run out of things to sell on deep up doing so will give you more money to invest in another business and it will help give you some marketing skills and maybe product photography skills that you can take to your next venture let’s move on to the next strategy the next way to make money online from home is teaching but I don’t mean tutoring actually I mean creating your own course and teaching something on a platform like Skillshare I’m going to be honest whenever you look up ways to make money online creating a course is usually on there but I never really thought that this was a realistic way for people to actually make money because I thought that you would need a lot of credentials and you would need a lot of experience before anyone would actually want to take your course but I was wrong I was researching skills share and becoming a teacher and I came across their FAQ were they sites on average first time teachers earn $200 in their first month on Skillshare with top teachers earning upwards of $3,000.

I was shocked of course that’s not a guarantee but that was super promising to read now I know what you might be thinking I don’t have anything to teach and that’s probably not true most of us have a skill that we definitely can teach others it just might take some digging to find it I say that because Skillshare is a teaching platform that teaches courses on just about anything from animation and all the way to productivity hacks for example one of the most popular courses in the productivity category is how to study for exams whoa I should’ve taken that one you know nothing would have talked to me that’s right not how to use Adobe After Effects not how to make motion graphics or code your own website but how to study for exams now I don’t mean to downplay the topic studying for exams is hard trust me I would be the first to know and the first person to take this course if I were still in University however I just chose it as an example to show you that there’s a variety of things that people are looking to learn if you want to teach something think about a challenge you’ll overcome and also just browse the skill show website whether it’s growing in Instagram studying for exam or even learning how to make a perfect cup of coffee there is definitely something that you know that people want to learn also you need to get over the idea that you need to have specific credentials.

if there is a challenge that you faced before and you’ve overcome it you’ll actually have the perfect insight as a student to help others learn for example when it comes to learning languages people always suggest that you learn a language from someone who also learned it as a second or third language rather than a native speaker because they’ll actually understand the struggles that you’re going through and what challenges you’re gonna be facing so if you’ve recently learned something you’re in the perfect position to teach someone else also one of the best things about making a Skillshare course is that once you create it and yes it is gonna take a lot of time to create the course it’s passive income you don’t really need to do anything except often check in and respond to comments or make edits if you need to but otherwise it sits there and brings in you money let’s move on to the next strategy which is making money from home online with Instagram now before I explain further I want to say that this does not require you to become an influencer actually you don’t even need to post a single photo of yourself to get this strategy to work that’s because one of the best ways to make money online with Instagram is by creating a feeds accounts personal Instagram pages are filled with pictures of the owner or photos that the owner has taken themed accounts on the other hand repost photos videos and other forms of content that are related to a specific topic such as travel for example I’m sure we’ve all passed an Instagram before that was focus on beautiful travel destinations that was reposting other people’s photos about destinations that they’ve been to and these themed pages although the money is that if you start and grow a theme page on Instagram brands and companies will start reaching out to you and paying you to feature their products or advertise for them on your feet or in your Instagram stories with Instagram there is no set pricing model to follow which works in your favor because you can negotiate with companies and brands to make sure that you’re asking for a price that works for you you can charge more if your Instagram account has great engagement which means how many comments you’re getting and also how many likes each of your posts gets as well as how many followers you have while there is no set price influencer agency did some research and found that the average price of a shoutout for an account with 25,000 to 50,000 followers note that would be considered a pretty micro influencer is between 800 to 1500 dollars that’s insane now if you want to grow an Instagram account it’s pretty simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do and you can watch as many videos on YouTube as you want about how to grow an Instagram but I’ll boil it down for you you pretty much need to post post post comment comment comment and engage engage engage engage first what you’re going to need to do is pick a niche now I would definitely jump up to Google Trends and do some research first to see what sorts of topics themes and niches are actually growing in popularity once you do that I suggest going to later and signing up for a free account later is an app that allows you to schedule Instagram posts this way you can constantly be posting on Instagram without worrying about having to research every day and remembering to actually post things once you sign up for later I would suggest sending one day aside a week where you research and find and schedule content to post at least once a day ideally.

it would be three times but even just once is enough make sure to use later to find hashtags that are popular within your niche to also make sure it’s seen by as many people as possible and if you have time and are really dedicated to growing this Instagram as fast as possible I would make sure that you are commenting respond and engaging with as many people as possible a day one of the guests that we’ve had on our channel before Emma Reid suggested engaging at least a hundred times a day that means commenting liking and just engaging with people on other people’s posts your own or even within DMS that’s why I said that it’s simple but it’s not easy if you’re dedicated to making money online from home you either need to pay for it with money or with time so if you want to do it for free you’re going to need to invest your time this is better to accept upfront so that way you’ll have more drive and determination when the going gets tough and you might be losing some motivation but don’t there is a huge payoff at the end and definitely use later to help you schedule posts so that when you’re feeling a little less motivated you’ll be fine because you’ve got those posts ready to go the next way to make money online from home is not related to e-commerce and it is English tutoring English tutoring is one of the best ways to make money online from home I’ve actually personally had multiple friends who have used this strategy to bring in lots of additional income and pay for trips all around the world our average online English teaching pace around ten to forty dollars USD per hour now when it comes to the qualifications that you need it depends on what company you’ll be working with many companies will require you to have a post-secondary degree however other companies will just ask that you have a TEFL certificate now you can get a TEFL certificate for free but it is gonna take you some hours to go through the course and actually complete it while it does take some time to complete it will definitely pay off in the end one of the best things about teaching English online is that you can work as little or as much as you want that’s right with many of these companies you can make your own hours so this is perfect for someone that has a few free hours after their work day or for someone that is off of school for a few weeks and looking to put in as many hours as possible to give you an example if you choose to work one hour twice a week and then three hours on the weekend you’ll be bringing in a hundred dollars a week that’s five hours of work a week that you can choose to do whenever you like that will end up being $400 a month and if you’re really dedicated to making money online five hours a week is nothing you can do.

Let’s move on to the last method to make money say money let’s move on to the last method to making money online from home for free and that is with affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is a process in which an affiliate that’s gonna be you by the way gets paid a commission for marketing another company’s products to earn money with affiliate marketing all you need to do is promote a product and share a very specific link with your audience that will allow you to receive a part of a commission if someone makes a purchase if you watch YouTube or if you’re on Instagram or ticked-off you’ll have definitely seen affiliate marketing links before many influencers will suggest the product that they use and leave a link down in the description for you to go check out and purchase those our affiliate links that means that even though they don’t own the product themselves they are actually making a small Commission for everyone that purchases through that link now to make money with affiliate marketing you will need one thing and that is an audience yes you will need an audience to promote your affiliate link to however this audience can be on a number of different platforms maybe you’re interested in starting a YouTube channel or an Instagram account like we talked about before or a tick top or even something like a podcast the percentage that you earn from each affiliate link really depends on the company that you’re working with if you have an affiliate link to something on Amazon you only make between 1 and 10 percent which is quite low however if you work with small businesses or a lot of independently owned companies you can actually set the rate and negotiate it choose something that works best for you and the company of course it might not seem like a lot but remember this as an affiliate you don’t have to worry about stocking the products you don’t have to worry about packaging it shipping it tracking it to the customers none of that all we have to worry about when you’re doing the affiliate marketing is promoting products that you like and showing them off in a way that makes others want to purchase them now if you don’t have an audience yet don’t despair.

I would suggest following the same strategy that I mentioned before with Instagram but using it with tik-tok or YouTube now you will need to change the strategy a little bit depending on the platform for example with YouTube you obviously can’t be posting three videos a day well you could but that would be really intense but instead just look up ways online or how to grow best on these platforms but ultimately it normally boils down to constantly posting high quality content so if you’re looking to grow an audience I would suggest finding something that you’re actually really interested in that way it’s not going to be as difficult for you to constantly be working in your free time to create quality content to share with people but if you’re dedicated to making money online from home you will need to put the work in there’s no way around it well that’s the end of my list for ways to make money online from home for free did I miss the mark on anything was there a strategy that you had never heard about before and you’re excited to try let me know down in the comments below and I’ll see you in our next article.

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