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Imagine a scenario in which I disclosed to you that contact lenses could detect and treat diabetes. In case you’re a contact focal point wearer or somebody with diabetes, you’ll most likely rapidly excuse the thought. Regardless of how crazy that thought sounds, presently it’s actual. Specialists have as of late built up this technology.

Stand by before you begin to celebrate. It’s new and fundamental; they aren’t accessible to the overall population yet. Scientists at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) effectively built up this “keen contact focal point” technology. To be sure, they plan on clinical preliminaries soon. You will be unable to get a couple of these contact lenses for some time. In any case, the way that these specialists have had accomplishment with this wild thought is incredibly energizing.


Researchers Develop Contact Lenses That treat Diabetes Easily
Researchers Develop Contact Lenses That treat Diabetes Easily


Teacher Sei Kwang Han, MSE, drove the team. Other team individuals included Professor Jae-Yoon Sim, MS, Ph.D., and graduate understudies Jahyun Koo, Do Hee Keum, and Su-Kyoung Kim. The team included individuals from two divisions of the college: the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering. The August 2020 version of the Science Advances diary distributed the discoveries.


There has been a new blast in the innovative work of delicate bioelectronics for use in the medical care industry. Scientists like the team from POSTECH have been attempting to abuse the polymer properties of these delicate gadgets to make wearable wellbeing technology. Indeed, a significant number of these endeavors have just been fruitful. We consider like be in fields like electrocardiograph, beat oximetry, photoplethysmography, and even glucose checking.

Indeed, glucose checking is the premise of this exploration from the team at POSTECH. T

hey have effectively evolved remote brilliant lenses that can analyze and treat diabetes – diabetic retinopathy specifically. It’s a progressive technology that could decidedly affect diabetics.

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contact lenses Researchers Develop Contact Lenses That treat Diabetes Easily
Researchers Develop Contact Lenses That treat Diabetes Easily

You’ll most likely discover the designing behind the lenses slightly muddled. You may require a foundation in designing to see all the terms and cycles that the team depicted in their distribution. Notwithstanding, in this article, the data we summed up and made an interpretation of the words into more simple terms.

The lenses contain five sections:

  1. Far off radio recurrence (RF) correspondence framework
  2. An electrochemical biosensor that identifies glucose levels continuously
  3. On-request adaptable medication conveyance framework (f-DDS)
  4. A resounding inductive remote energy move framework
  5. Incorporated circuit (IC)– based microcontroller chip with a force the executives unit (PMU)


The contact lenses work by means of controller utilizing the initial segment. This RF technology isn’t new. Surely, you locate similar technology in current controllers. Notwithstanding, applying this to contact lenses is new.

The far off correspondence unit (RCU) incorporated into the lenses just uses 2.3 mW of force. It communicates information at a pace of 445 kbits·s−1 in the 433-MHz industry-science-clinical (ISM) recurrence band. This is an incredible recurrence band to use on a worldwide scale, particularly since Europe boycotts the 900-MHz that is permitted in the United States.

The fourth part, the full inductive remote energy move framework, is the way the lenses and the RCU get power. The lenses have a copper accepting curl incorporated into them. There is an outside force source that has a copper transmitter that remotely conveys capacity to the lenses.

Researchers Develop Contact Lenses That treat Diabetes Easily
Researchers Develop Contact Lenses That treat Diabetes Easily


The visual electrochemical biosensor, the subsequent part, permits glucose levels to be estimated through tears instead of blood. This replaces the requirement for customary lancets, strips, glucose screens, and finger pricks. While tears aren’t typically utilized for glucose level estimation, specialists investigated the productivity of estimating these levels in tears. It was discovered that glucose levels in tears emphatically connect with the levels found in the blood.

The biosensor contains three anodes – two produced using platinum and one produced using silver/silver chloride, which recognizes the electrochemical glucose response. A layer of chromium was additionally added as a glue layer. At long last, a combination of glucose oxidase (GOx), cow-like serum egg whites (BSA), poly(vinyl liquor) (PVA), and chitosan was added to one of the sensors alongside a layer of glutaraldehyde after the underlying blend had dried. This was tried on diabetic bunnies, and the outcomes were that the deliberate glucose levels in tears were pretty much as precise as of the blood levels.


At the point when glucose levels are high, the lenses have an implicit medication conveyance framework, the third part, that can treat diabetic retinopathy through far off orders. The designing behind the framework is astonishing and somewhat confounded. Here is an essential outline of it.

The framework estimates 1.5mm by 3mm by .13mm. All in all, it’s slender, and the wearer will not feel it at all when they wear the contact lenses. As an examination, commonplace contact lenses measure from 0.04-0.09 mm. That makes the conveyance framework just marginally thicker than common lenses, or around similar thickness as hard lenses or toric lenses.

The medication is embedded in the focal point as peeling layers and afterward covered with a gold anode terminal. At the point when an underlying excimer laser distantly enacts, it basically liquefies the gold layer and one of the peeling layers. The medication at that point streams into the eye.

After around 40 seconds, the gold at that point sets, impeding medication stream until the following laser impact. Specialists planned this framework to be sans deformity and, during preliminaries, they tried this gold-softening laser measure multiple times. Each time yielded wonderful outcomes.


All the parts worked consummately autonomously, however each needed to fit together to make an entire, completed item. That is the place where the fifth part came in.

The distributed examination didn’t make a ton of reference to the microcontroller chip. Nonetheless, it is basically the CPU of the entire framework. It works much the same as the micro processor in your PC – without it, you simply have many extravagant hardware that do nothing all alone.

Researchers Develop Contact Lenses That treat Diabetes Easily
Researchers Develop Contact Lenses That treat Diabetes Easily


The CPU of the focal point was intended to send information to a uniquely designed abundancy move keying (ASK) collector module (gets information through the plentifulness of the electronic), an Alf Vergard Risc (AVR) (a microchip that is up to multiple times quicker than customary chip), and a PC. Normally, if the contact lenses pass the clinical preliminaries and make it to the purchaser market, information would almost certainly be sent in a less “engineer-like” way. The supposition would be through an application so individuals can screen their levels from their savvy gadgets.

Scientists investigated diabetic bunnies, as referenced previously. The hares stayed safe, and the outcomes were broadly sure. All in all, the lenses worked. The team says that there should be minor changes in the clinical stages. Be that as it may, generally, the technology yielded extraordinary outcomes.


There have been other visual lenses for infection observing grew as of now. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) effectively affirmed comparable technology. A model is Google Lens. This focal point slowed down in clinical preliminaries since they couldn’t get the glucose-level readings from tears to coordinate those of glucose-level readings in blood.

Another model is the Triggerfish Lens. This focal point screens changes in changes in intraocular pressure for the identification of glaucoma-related issues. Be that as it may, it doesn’t create continuous changes and doesn’t offer a medication conveyance framework like the POSTECH team’s lenses.

Albeit these lenses are exceptional advances in medication, the lenses from the POSTECH team will rapidly make this current the previous news. The way that they can screen diabetic retinopathy progressively makes them more helpful than the others.


This segment is for individuals who aren’t acquainted with this condition. Harmed veins in the retina (in the rear of the eye) are a typical entanglement of diabetes. Side effects incorporate seeing floaters, obscured vision, seeing dull spots or regions, and in any event, going visually impaired.

It’s uncommon contrasted with the quantity of diabetics in the country. Be that as it may, when an individual builds up the condition, there is no fix. Individuals can deal with the infection by monitoring glucose levels. On the off chance that the condition is truly downright terrible, eye treatment might be required.

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