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Are You Searching for Lighthearted Funny Memes to Share with Friends, or Just Need a Good Laugh Now? – Look No Further! Whether its sharing something hilarious with your friends, or needing a good laugh during this stressful time; whatever it may be we have the perfect list of memes just for you! With plenty of strange and weird happening online these memes will have you laughing out loud in no time; share with all your funny meme-loving friends to spread laughter around. Let us know which meme was your favorite by commenting below.

Funny Memes

Shrugging Man

We have all been there, and many of us are feeling it right now: The shrugging man meme is one of the most widely popular among internet memes these days and perfectly captures our current state of politics. Confusion, frustration or astonishment – whatever emotion you’re experiencing during this election cycle, the shrugging man has experienced it too! Originally featured as an Indian man featured in an advertisement for dating websites called Samson; later modified to represent various human emotions such as despair and hopefulness.

When You’re Bored AF

When You’re Bored AF When you’re bored AF, sometimes the only solution is getting creative. We know you’ll love these memes when you’re feeling uninspired; boredom is often one of the best catalysts for meme creation! From work boredom to sitting around bored with nothing to do during free time at home or having nothing better to do, boredom can provide great source of creativity that you can share with friends! These hilarious memes will have you laughing out loud – perfect when you don’t know what else to do when feeling stuck inside yourself! These memes will keep you laughing out loud while also sharing them among loved ones when feeling disengaged and uninspired AF!

More Memes for Your LOL-ing

This list could have gone on forever, but we tried our best to select only the most hilarious and popular memes to give you something laugh-inducing. These memes offer endless entertainment! Whether it be to alleviate stress during an otherwise tedious day or simply laughing out loud at something silly; these memes will definitely lighten the mood or make for great entertainment when bored AF!

The Dumpster Fire Continues

The United States political climate continues to resemble an ongoing dumpster fire, as demonstrated by this internet meme that has been making rounds since Election Day and remains highly popular today. Senator Marco Rubio made mention of it at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing when asking former FBI Director James Comey why his testimony would take place publicly citing an article published by The Washington Post using “dumpster fire” metaphor to discuss Washington politics and Comey’s decision to testify publicly; Rubio was making reference to an analogy used in that article which used similar “dumpster fire” metaphor to discuss Washington politics and Comey testifying publicly – his question refers back to an article published by The Washington Post which used “dumpster fire” metaphor as it depicted Washington’s current mess which seems out of control with no signs of let upping anytime soon!

The Blue Rainbow Unicorn

A blue-pink unicorn that represents the perfect Instagram post was an unexpected meme that quickly gained popularity, even among its rare sightings! People began discussing this meme and its “purple-orange ocelot” counterpart and how both could help people craft great Instagram content. Even Instagram responded in BuzzFeed by telling us “we know that creating great posts can be challenging, which is why we are continually searching for new ways to assist people create great posts. We do not comment on rumors or speculation.” The blue-pink unicorn has become an unforgettable meme that guarantees to make you laugh out loud every time!

Trump’s Tiny Hands

It is easy to see why Internet users enjoy mocking Trump’s hands, given how significantly smaller than average they are. Yet they love dwelling on this topic; one result being this hilarious meme mocking Trump and his tiny hands; his hands were even mentioned in Fire and Fury by being described as being “small and crude, like those of a boy who hasn’t fully grown into them yet”. It isn’t the first time internet users have mocked the president over them either!

Not too long ago, Twitter trended with #Trumpfingers hashtag and people posted photos showing off their tiny fingers to poke fun at President Donald Trump.

The Extremely Short Shaggy Dog Story

This meme perfectly illustrates why we love long-form content so much. Long-form stories have long been around, yet this meme shows just how relevant they still are today – an extremely short shaggy dog story starts off promisingly before meandering through to nowhere, never really making its point clear.

This meme refers to online content that follows unfocused tangents that never really lead anywhere. This form of material is very common on the Internet, particularly listicles and click bait articles. Very short shaggy dog stories are also easily created via this tactic.

Honorable Mention: Socially Awkward SpongeBob

As far as SpongeBob memes go, this one stands out. Socially awkward SpongeBob serves as an iconic example of how memes can come out of virtually anything on the Internet, as seen here by this meme based on an awkward scene from an episode where everyone seems very pretentious at a restaurant where SpongeBob goes for lunch.

This meme was born out of one such scene from one episode of SpongeBob in which SpongeBob goes to an expensive restaurant that everyone seems very pretentious when SpongeBob visits an all-out faux establishment where everyone looks quite pretensionsuous when trying to order their lunch; hence this meme took form during an awkward scene from an episode where SpongeBob goes for lunch where all pretentious people at table, creating something comedic. This came out of an awkward yet humorous scene from an episode where SpongeBob goes to an all-pretentious restaurant where SpongeBob encounters pretension all-round – where every patron acts very pretensionous.

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Final Words

Memes are an ideal way to end the day! Share them with your friends or keep them all to yourself – either way they’ll help make life a little better! With such an array of funny memes available to choose from, there’s sure to be the ideal one waiting for you – be it to relieve some tension from workday stress or simply spread some laughter around with these hilarious memes! Now is the time for everyone to join in spreading smiles through sharing these hilarious images!