Do Not follow a weight-loss diet In This 3 Critical situations

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What is weight-loss?

Weight is a balanced equation, and calories are part of this equation. Weight-loss is due to burning more calories than you eat, and this can be done by reducing excess calories from food and drinks, and increasing the calories burned through physical activity. It may seem simple, but it may be difficult to implement a practical, effective and sustainable plan for weight loss, but the weight-loss process must be done by a nutritionist and a doctor, especially if the individual suffers from some disease that must be followed up, with the need to determine the appropriate time to lose weight. And knowing whether you are ready to make some necessary changes, and how to deal with situations that challenge resolve and slight setbacks that are inevitable, with the necessity to emphasize that the key to success in losing weight is to commit to making changes in diet and exercise habits, but in some cases you should not Following unhealthy diets or ways to lose weight.

3 situations in which you should not follow a weight-loss diet

There are some cases during which it is impossible to follow a diet, no matter how strong and urgent the desire is to lose weight and obtain a certain body shape, especially if it is without consulting a doctor, so there is a need to take into account some matters and cases in which weight loss is not desirable at all, and here are some cases that do You must follow the diet and weight-loss during it: –

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Do not follow a weight-loss diet during pregnancy

Doctors usually do not recommend that a woman lose weight during pregnancy and instead encourage pregnant women to focus on getting enough nutrients and exercise to keep themselves and the baby healthy, and in general, doctors should not recommend weight loss to obese women during pregnancy. And they suggest that losing weight at this time can increase the risk of complications for the child. If a woman was overweight or obese before pregnancy, the doctor could advise on ways to avoid potential complications.

Ideally, a woman should try to lose excess weight before pregnancy, and according to Dr. Jones of the University of Utah, he says that women who are 60 pounds or more overweight may not need to gain weight for a healthy pregnancy, so the fetus can use fat stores in the body. For energy, by not gaining any weight during pregnancy, a woman usually loses fat stores, and after pregnancy it is normal for body weight to be less than it was before pregnancy, some women may find that they weight-loss without intending to do so during the first trimester. From pregnancy due to nausea or morning sickness, women who suffer from severe morning sickness may want to talk to their doctor about how to get enough nutrients, and weight gain usually occurs once the pregnancy reaches the second trimester and the woman begins to feel better.

Do not follow a weight-loss diet while breastfeeding

There are many healthy ways to weight-loss while breastfeeding without following certain diets that depend on certain nutrients without others, the diet and a balanced diet rich in nutrients important for the health of the mother and the child, because breastfeeding in turn and without diets has a major role in losing body weight. And to keep in shape, In addition, eating too little can make it difficult to produce enough milk. Breastfeeding mothers should avoid eating less than 1500-1800 calories per day. Milk, along with the need to eat foods rich in protein and fiber, it can help replace processed foods with ones rich in protein and fiber in reducing hunger and maintaining fullness for a longer period.

With exercise despite what some women fear, it is unlikely that moderate exercise will negatively affect milk production. A combination of diet and exercise helps breastfeeding mothers maintain muscle mass, with the need to maintain body moisture, so drink enough, especially drinks. Unsweetened like water is important for your milk supply, and this may also aid weight loss by keeping it fuller and more active, with eating more slowly and consciously.Eating for less than 20 minutes or while dispersing may cause you to eat up to 71% of calories. And sleep enough, as sleep deprivation can increase hunger and cravings, so these tips may help in losing weight during breastfeeding, and yet still provide the mother and her child with the nutrients that their body needs without following a strict diet that affects the health of both.

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Don’t follow a weight-loss diet when you have an eating disorder

They are conditions characterized by an unhealthy relationship with food, and there are three main types of eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, as this is characterized by weight loss, often due to an excessive diet and excessive exercise, and sometimes the individual reaches the degree of starvation, and people who suffer from loss feel The appetite is that they cannot be thin enough and continue to see themselves as a mass of fat despite severe weight loss, and this is a common situation in which no weight-loss diet should be followed and a doctor’s review, and about a third to a half of The loss of appetite soaks up and clears up by vomiting or misusing laxatives.

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