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How to drive a bicycle

The way to ride a bicycle is easy, but it needs certain steps, and the following is an explanation:

Driving safely

Finding a suitable place: When you learn to drive a bicycle, you must choose a comfortable place that is far from traffic, such as the sidewalk or the road to the house because it is flat places, and for people who do not have suitable places in the house, they can exercise in the garden or parking lot.

Wearing appropriate clothes: It is recommended to wear a long-sleeved shirt and long-legged pants to protect against drops and scratches, and it is preferable to put knee protectors and elbows to protect and isolate the joints, which are essential for all cyclists.

Wearing a helmet: The helmet is very important for beginners and experienced people alike, it is not possible to predict the time of accidents, as a broken bone can heal and be treated, but head trauma leaves permanent effects.

Exercising during the day: It is possible to drive a bike during the night, but it is not recommended for beginners, because practicing balance may take several hours, and a person may deviate from his path and collide with anything or deviate to traffic.

bicycle riding

Adjusting the bike seat: The seat must be adjusted downward so that a person can put both feet on the ground when he is sitting, the low seat allows stopping by placing the feet on the ground before falling.

Brake experience: You must know how to work the brakes on a bicycle, by pushing the bike and walking next to it and pressing the brake handle to get used to where it is located, how it works and how the bike responds to it, and upon learning these things, the person will feel more comfortable in his ability to stop the bike in an emergency.

Putting one foot on the ground: It does not matter which foot is placed, but it is preferable for the foot to be on the side that the person controls better, for example a person who uses his right hand must put his left foot on the ground, and so on.

Start sliding: Instead of using pedals, you should start pushing the bike using the feet, then lifting it and placing it on the pedals to be able to properly balance.

Looking straight ahead: When looking at obstacles, the bicycle continues to turn towards it, so you must look at the road on which the bike must be headed in order to drive properly.

Begin switching: start by placing one foot on the pedal and using the other foot to propel the bike, then also putting it on the pedal and continuing to alternate while maintaining the balance as much as possible.

Getting off the bike: It is preferable to stop the bike with the brakes rather than the feet, and this is done by stopping the shift and shifting the weight to the lower pedal and pressing the brakes, and as soon as the bike stops, get up a little and get off.

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Benefits of cycling

Riding a bicycle has many physical benefits, especially when you drive it regularly and at the right intensity, it helps to burn calories and get rid of fat, improve heart and lung functions and work major muscles throughout the body, and riding a bike is similar to practicing aerobic exercises, it is beneficial for the heart and brain And blood vessels, as it promotes and improves balance, walking, endurance, and a person’s posture in general, Dr. Safran Norton says that resistance activities and exercises will increase bone density thanks to the movement of muscles on the bones.

The bicycle is considered a form of transportation, and it has advantages that make it better than cars in some cases, as it does not lead to noise or the problem of air pollution, and it is considered effective in congested cities where there is permanent traffic congestion thanks to the person’s ability to drive between cars and congestion In addition to that, it can be placed or row almost anywhere, as it does not need a large space for that, which saves a person time and money.

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