Best performing electric cars of 2021

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Edmunds experts test nearly 200 vehicles a year on its own test circuit, as well as use a 115-mile real-world test loop on city streets, highways and winding canyons. The data you collect are based on the results of this classification. In the process, it is based on more than 30 ratings that cover performance, comfort, interior design, technology, value and more.

From this standpoint, the Corporation ranked the best electric cars for 2020, which are of different models of different years. Tesla ranked first, followed by Kia, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Nissan and BMW. .

1 Tesla 3 Model 2017 (electric cars)

It received 8.4 marks out of 10, and its price margin ranges between 37 thousand and 990 dollars and 54 thousand and 990 dollars. It’s the fastest, most technical, and most luxurious, with a range of 220 miles.

2 2017 Kia Niro EV

It won 8.3 points, and its price ranges between 39 thousand and 90 dollars and 44 thousand and 590 dollars. It is one of the best modern electric cars and is well worth taking into account if you are considering not using petrol. It’s a pleasure to drive, has a spacious cabin and a wide range of 239 miles.

3 Hyundai Kona 2018 model

It won 8.2 points, and its price ranges between 37 thousand and 190 dollars and 45 thousand and 400 dollars. It has a range of 258 miles with attractive interior design and a long list of technology and safety features.

4 Chevrolet Bolt 2017 model

It received 7.9 marks, and it priced between 36 thousand and 620 dollars and 41 thousand and 20 dollars. The car advanced in competition with its 238-mile range, great acceleration and affordable price.

5 2018 Nissan Leaf

Got 7.9 marks. Its price ranges between 31 thousand and 600 dollars and 43 thousand and 900 dollars. Its range is between 150 and 226 miles, and high acceleration is a major improvement. It is strong in the world of cost-effective electric vehicles.

6 The 2014 BMW i3

It had 7.8 marks, and it was priced between $ 44,000 and $ 450 and $ 51,500. While its 153-mile range does not make it a long-distance champion, the i3 offers agile handling, efficient packaging and excellent interior design. They cost more than similar cars, but in return, the owner gets a nicer car overall.

7 Hyundai Ionic 2017 model year

Its mark is 7.8 out of 10, and its price ranges between $ 33,000 and $ 45 and $ 38,615. It is an enormous value for an electric vehicle in terms of cost or efficiency. All the technology is easy to use, but falls short of first-line leaders in terms of performance and driving range of only 124 miles.

8 A two-door mini hardtop model 2016

Its mark is 7.8 out of 10, and its average price is $ 29,900. Luggage space and rear seat space are less than other EVs, and the range is modest. But some classic Mini features, such as fast acceleration and agile handling, encourage its overall purchase.

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