Benefits of cucumbers for healthy

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Cucumbers belongs to the cucurbits family, which also includes pumpkin and melon, and is characterized by a mild taste and refreshing and high in water content, so it is used to relieve sunburn, and eating it in the summer gives great recovery and avoids the occurrence of dehydration, cucumbers are grown for food and other medicinal purposes and for a long time was part of the White Sea diet The average, as it is commonly used in making beauty products, there are several types of cucumbers, and the American option is the most popular, and the other types are the Armenian and Japanese cucumbers, and these types differ from each other in the thickness of the crust, and in this article we will talk about the benefits of cucumber for the diet.

Benefits of cucumbers for diet

Cucumber has health benefits that are reflected in the whole body, and in addition to that it can help in losing weight, it has generous amounts of essential nutrients, especially vitamins and water, and is a good option for losing weight because it has few calories in addition to the fact that it contains fibers that help you feel full early Also, the sound produced by chewing cucumbers helps accelerate the feeling of satiety, and to take advantage of the benefits of cucumber for the diet, a diet can be followed that includes eating cucumbers for a week for two weeks, by eating cucumbers with every snack and in the amount that the person wants, and cucumber salad can be made and some protein added to it By eating it with boiled eggs and meat, and in this way, the benefits of cucumber can be used for the diet and get the rest of the elements that the body needs, and a salad can be made that includes cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce together, all of which are low-calorie elements.

Medical benefits of cucumber

Cucumber has an ample amount of water, so it makes the body in a state of permanent hydration, as it is an antioxidant, and has several nutrients. After talking about the benefits of cucumber for dieting, it is necessary to address the other medicinal benefits of cucumbers:

Antioxidant: Antioxidants prevent chemical reactions that cause free radicals to form, because free radicals harm the body and cause many diseases, the most famous of which are heart and lung diseases and cancers, and thus the choice reduces the possibility of these diseases.

Hydration boost: Cucumber, due to the water it gives to the body, participates in the regulation of body temperature, helps to enhance body moisture and meets the daily needs of water, and also ensures normal function of the kidneys and prevents the formation of stones.

Lowering blood sugar: Cucumber helps reduce blood sugar level and reduce complications in diabetics, and the cucumber peel is responsible for this property.

Regulating bowel movement: Cucumber supports normal bowel movement and reduces the possibility of constipation due to water and the fibers it contains, especially the soluble pectin fibers, which increase bowel movement and get rid of confusion.

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Reducing swollen eyes: Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber, and because it is diuretic, cucumber slices that are placed on the eyes help relieve swelling of the eyes and maintain the moisture of the skin around the eyes. Cucumber can be mixed with lavender oil or chamomile and applied to the eyes.

Maintaining the alkalinity of the blood: Cucumber contributes to maintaining the acid-alkaline balance by reducing the acidity of the blood, thus helping to reduce the risk of increased acidity of the blood, and reduce the associated diseases, especially gastrointestinal ulcers.

Bone support: Because cucumbers contain calcium, magnesium, and vitamin K, they provide support for bone structures, thus reducing the possibility of fractures.

Ridding the body of toxins: Cucumber supports the liver, which helps it maintain its function of ridding the body of toxins, in addition to being a natural diuretic that helps get rid of fluids trapped inside the body.

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Risks of cucumber diet

All types of dieting carry two faces, one that has benefits and the other side reflects the risks and complications of dieting. In talking about the benefits of option for dieting, it is necessary to talk about the potential risks that may occur to some of those who follow this diet, as the option contains good amounts of vitamin that may occur some The complications of people who take diuretics or suffer from clotting diseases, so you should consult your doctor in the event that such a diet is followed, [5], and this diet has few calories, so it is difficult to follow it for a long time, and after stopping the diet, the weight returns quickly when it was Accordingly, before, cucumbers are poor in fat and proteins, which are essential nutrients that the body needs to make enzymes and hormones, maintain skin and build muscle, so it was important to add eggs and meat to meals alongside cucumbers.

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