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Baseball or baseball is one of the most famous sports in the United States of America, and it has undergone many developments, as it is a result of the development of the English game Rounds, and in the past it had a very bad reputation; Because it opened the way to betting, gambling, drugs, racism and strikes, but later it became very popular, and moved from the United States of America to Mexico, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Taiwan, and Japan.

The principle of the game

The players hit a small ball with a wooden paddle, then run on the designated court to obtain points, where each team is keen to catch the ball and score points, and prevent the other team from reaching the ball, and each team consists of nine players.

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Laws of Baseball

The laws of baseball can be summarized in the following points:

Baseball consists of nine games, and a match has no time limit.

The baseball field consists of four bases, and the players of the team must run between these four bases to score points, provided that the player steps on the base during his run.

A draw is conducted, in which it is determined which two teams will start hitting and throwing the ball, so that the team that will take over the task of throwing is distributed around the field; To return the baseball after hitting it as quickly as possible, in order to stop the player who, hit it at one of the bases.

The shooter assumes the task of removing the player who hit the ball, that is, the player who holds the striker’s hand, through three consecutive throws in the middle of the square that is in the mask that the referee wears, and this throw is called the successful throw (strike). Even if it is not in the same direction, it is also considered a (strike), but if the player who throws the ball in his throws does not succeed after four attempts, the striking player automatically walks towards the first base, then another player from the same team comes to complete the game, and if it is repeated In the same process, the second batsman walks towards the first base, the player on the first base proceeds to the second base, and so on.

When a player hits the baseball with a bat and it flies high in the air, and a player from the opposing team stops it, the player who hit the ball gets out of play, and another teammate enters instead of him to start playing again.

When the player hits the baseball with the bat, and then the ball hits the ground, the player tries to run to pass the largest number of rules, before the appropriate team returns the ball to the nearest players, in order to stop the process of breaking the rules.

If the player hits the ball with the bat, and the ball goes outside the boundaries of the field, it is called (home run), and this means that the player who hit the ball with the racket, will rotate on the rules of the court without any harassment, and upon reaching the place of throwing, a point is scored for his team.

If the player hits the ball with the bat outside the field, and there is a colleague, two or three colleagues in the rules, then the points that are counted are the number of the same players who exceed the throwing place.

If the player strikes the ball with the bat outside the field, and his teammates are present on each of the other three bases, in addition to the base on which he stands, this strike is called (grand slam), and this hit gives the team four points.

The team that started hitting the ball continues to play, if the team that shot it has failed to take out three players, but if the shooting team has taken out three players, the shooting team will turn into a hitter team and vice versa.

In the event that three players leave each team, a game is added, and the time of the set is determined according to the success of both the bitter and the archer, and the time can be ten minutes, and it can last for more than sixty minutes.

The winning team is the team that collects the most points during the game’s nine games.

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