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The sport of basketball is known as a team game in which two teams compete, each consisting of five players, so that each team aims to score more points by introducing the ball into the opposing team’s basket, and this game depends on the principle of dealing with the ball using hands only. Bouncing the ball, throwing it, and passing it from one player to another. It is worth noting that the origins of the sport of basketball go back to America.

Basketball equipment

The stadium

The basketball court contains many different parts, including the following:

The playing field: It is the part on which the game is played (in English: Basketball Court), as it must fulfill several conditions in order to be fit to play; For example, if it has a solid floor and does not contain any obstacles, the area of ​​the basketball court and its dimensions is fifteen meters in width and twenty-eight meters in length, provided that this area is measured from the inner boundary of the line of the playing field, according to the laws of basketball.

The back area: The backcourt or wing line includes the part that contains the basket for the team, in addition to the part that includes the inner border of the basketball board, and this part is defined by four lines surrounding it, which are: the finish line behind the team’s basket, They line the side of the playing field, and the center line in the middle of the playing field.

The front area: The frontcourt is defined as that part that contains the basket of the opposing team, in addition to the internal boundary area of ​​the opponent’s basketball board, and this area is bounded by the finish line, the center line, and the side lines.

Lines: The basketball court contains many lines (in English: Lines), each of which is five centimeters wide, and all of them are required to be clearly and clearly drawn in the same color, and these lines are divided into different types, namely:

Boundary lines: Border lines are defined as the lines surrounding the playing field, which include the finish line and the side lines, and it is worth noting that the boundary lines are not considered part of the playing field.

Center line It is that line located in the middle of the playing field, and is drawn parallel to the two end lines of the playing field, and perpendicular to the middle of the side lines.

The central circle: (in English: center circle); It is the circle in the middle of the playing field with a diameter of 3.6 meters.

Free-throw semi-circle: This circle is drawn with a diameter of 3.6 meters, so that its center is at the midpoint of the free throw lines.

Free-throw lines: It is the line that is drawn parallel to the finish line, so that its outer limit is 5.8 meters from the inner boundary of the finish line, and its length reaches 3.6 meters, noting that its midpoint is located on the imaginary line connecting the middle of the two end lines.

The Forbidden Area (in English: Resticted area); It is the area that is drawn in the form of a rectangle, and is 2.45 meters away from the finish line, and all the lines bordering the free zone are considered a part of it except for the part that represents the finish line.

Three-point field goal area; It is the area that represents the entire playing field, except for the area near the opposing team’s basket.

Team seating area: It is the area designated for team seats, and it is required that you move away from the border lines by a minimum distance of two meters.

For more information about the basketball court and its dimensions, you can read the article on the sizes of the basketball court

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The playground for people with disabilities

People with disabilities can play basketball through wheelchair, with similar laws to the rules of basketball that healthy people play on a playground that consists of the same parts of the regular playground – which were mentioned in the previous paragraph – within dimensions and spaces similar to it.

the ball

The ball is one of the main elements that make up the game of basketball, which is distinguished by its different types, weights and sizes depending on the type of field and the nature of the players. For example, basketball courts that are located in closed places require a certain type of basketball, while another type can be acquired if you want to play in places that are not closed and not designated for this game, such as the street. Also, men play with a ball of greater weight and volume than that used by women or even children; The ball that the men play with weighs nearly half a kilogram.

There are many materials that the basketball ball is made of; The balls that are used in international and professional competitions are made of natural leather, and these balls are only suitable for playing in the gyms for the game, and on the other hand regular basketballs are made of rubber material with little quality, but its price is affordable for everyone. It must be noted that there is a type of basketball that represents a suitable and medium option between the two previous types, in addition to being of very good quality, and it is the type that is suitable for playing in the street or inside closed halls, noting that this type of balls is made of a material Artificial leather, and it is worth noting that the (Elite) ball is considered one of the best balls recommended by professionals in the basketball world.

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Basketball Laws

Method of calculating points and the duration of the match

The basketball game has clear rules regarding the number of points that are counted upon a successful throw over the net; Where a successful shot is counted by one point if it is thrown with a free throw, and the ball passes through the net is counted as three points if it is shot from outside the three-point arc, and two points are counted when the throw is taken from anywhere else on the court. The duration of the basketball match consists of four quarters, each quarter of which is called a game, knowing that the duration of each quarter is ten minutes, and the first and second quarter are two minutes apart, and the same duration is between the third and fourth, while the rounds are separated by a fifteen-minute break, and the length and number of these periods vary ; Where the women’s basketball match is divided into four periods, each of which is ten minutes long, while men in universities play the basketball match in two shifts of a duration of three hours each, while in secondary schools, the basketball match is played during four periods of eight duration each. minutes.


The time deducted in basketball is defined as: a partial suspension of the match that reaches a maximum of one minute for one time-out, and this is done at the request of the team management, whether through the first coach or the assistant coach, through a special sign directing it to the score table for the match And, the team management can cancel this request before the scoring table officials respond to the sign of the time-out request, and the scoring table official must give a signal to referee the match. To alert him that there is a time out request.

It is also possible to request a time-out by any team, when the game stops, or the stopwatch stops counting, or after the referee ends his communication with the table for scoring points, and this situation is called the time-out opportunity, and there are other cases that constitute the time-out opportunity for both teams ; Such as stopping play after a successful or final free throw for a mistake that was calculated, and the team can request a time-out in several cases, including:

If the opponent scores a point from a free throw.

If the last free throw is followed by a throw-in along the center line.

If a foul is counted when taking a throw, or free throws resulting from a previous foul.

If a foul is called before play is restarted, and after the last free throw of the previous foul has been taken.

During the execution of a number of free throws resulting from more than one foul.

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