5 New electric cars that change the equation in 2021 best, including “Mercedes” and “Audi”

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Electric cars sales doubled last year, but are still small numbers and marginal proportions of total sales. Neither the year 2020 nor the 1920s will sever the link between cars and petroleum fuel stations. The drive for internal combustion engines continues in the foreseeable future, with the desire of the consumer, despite the clear improvement in electric vehicle technologies and the remarkable expansion of charging networks and infrastructure.

For its part, the industry hopes to introduce new models that will convince the consumer that the time has come to buy an electric car. Today, he has options beyond Tesla in the luxury sector and Nissan LEAF in the popular sector. This year, consumers can choose their electric car under the brands “Jaguar”, “Audi”, “Mercedes”, “Chevrolet”, “Hyundai”, “Kia” and others. He can also choose from sedans, quads or sports cars – all with electric drive. There are about 175 electric models in the market this year.


In 2020, however, the industry will not reach a “critical mass” that makes the purchase of an electric car an obvious proposition that does not need to be convinced. The consumer has many doubts and fears, even at the technical level. Concerns are related to the long-term performance of batteries, the cost of replacing them, and the impact this has on the car’s value.

Added to these doubts are the average consumer’s concerns about the range of electric cars and the time it takes to charge their batteries during long trips. In the United States, there are 21,000 charging stations with 57,000 charging points that provide the average slow level, which takes an hour to charge a car for an additional 20 miles.

They are useful for charging during the night or working in offices during the day, but are worthless on long trips. On the other hand, the size of the fast charging network in America does not exceed 3,300 stations with 12,000 charging points, but most of them are only intended for Tesla cars.

As for the petroleum cars, they have 168,000 petrol stations in a network that covers all the US states and can fill their tank in a few minutes and continue the journey. In addition, these cars provide consumers with greater choices in sizes and engine capabilities, and the consumer knows their capabilities, value and what this value will be after five years of use. It is also still relatively cheaper to buy than electric cars.

The new electric cars that companies hope to change the equation of the current markets tempt the consumer with high capabilities and technologies and a range sufficient for several days of driving with an infrastructure that improves monthly. And the following five cars represent the latest and best that will enter the market this year. It will certainly contribute to changing consumer perceptions about electric cars and remove the fears of the experience of buying the first car of this type after more than a century of driving petroleum cars.

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