Electric cars 5 disadvantages that limit the spread of

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Despite the accelerated steps taken by international companies towards pushing more electric cars on the roads, 5 significant defects worry buyers, which prevents the spread of this type of vehicles in the short term, especially in the Arab countries, which are expected to remain traditional cars. The most present in it is undisputed.

Specialized reports indicated that the nature of the weather inevitably affects the effectiveness of electric cars, adding this factor to other major defects that are not lost on many of those who want to buy vehicles, chief among them the lack of battery charging points, repair faults, the high value of the car, and the inability to cut Distances in rough terrain.


Cold restrained traffic

And according to the European Automobile Club, changes in the range of the electric car must be expected during the winter, as the battery capacity decreases during cold times.

And the club indicated, according to what was reported by the German news agency, last week, that the car’s current consumption increases in cold times, due to reliance on additional functions such as heating, pointing out that the heating function works to lose a third of the expected range of the car.

The producing companies often work to highlight the advantages of electric cars, while on the other hand they avoid informing the target customers of potential defects and how to confront or avoid them, according to analysts in the auto sector.

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